Policies for Non-MIT Groups

We’ve noticed an increase in outside groups coming to campus and attempting to engage people in conversation about the group’s religious beliefs, an activity known as proselytizing. This page gives an overview of MIT’s policies, and what to do if you believe a group is being intrusive.

Groups making use of public spaces like the sidewalks may not crowd entrances and exits to buildings or otherwise interfere with the flow of pedestrian traffic.

Use of MIT Buildings
Although many MIT facilities, such as the Student Center, are open to members of the public, no solicitation is allowed in those buildings. Individuals may not reserve MIT rooms on behalf of non-MIT groups. The MIT Chapel and other MIT facilities are intended for the use of the MIT community. While MIT groups may invite the wider public as guests, we do not host regular meetings or outreach activities for non-MIT groups.

Any flyers posted in MIT buildings are required to clearly list the contact information of an MIT group or a member of the MIT community who is sponsoring the activity or event. Non-MIT groups may not post any flyers on campus without the approval of a member of the MIT community, who must be clearly identified on the flyers.

MIT Name
A group that is not directly affiliated with or recognized by MIT cannot use the Institute’s name or logo in ways that might suggest or imply some sort of formal relationship between MIT and the group, or otherwise cause confusion about the group’s status at MIT. 

MIT does not allow manipulative, deceptive, or coercive practices by any group, MIT-recognized or not. 

What to do if a group does not follow these guidelines
All members of the MIT community should be able to go about their days without feeling harassed or pressured to adopt someone else’s beliefs. We want you to feel safe, to be free to follow your own spiritual beliefs, and to connect to the healthy, supportive groups that you choose. 

If someone refuses to accept no for an answer, follows you, or otherwise engages with you in a way that feels intrusive or disrespectful, please contact a nearby staff member like the dorm front desk staff, a CAC manager (617-253-3913 during the day, 617-253-1500 in the evenings), or the MIT Police (617-253-1212). You can also report any inappropriate proselytizing behavior to Thea Keith-Lucas, Chaplain to the Institute (askachaplain@mit.edu).