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Staying Human is a podcast special about faith—in each other, and in our common humanity—amid distance, anxiety, grief, and injustice, during the global COVID-19 pandemic.

Join others in the MIT community at noon on Thursday, November 5 for the first-ever community discussion event for Staying Human. Listening to the special in advance is encouraged but not required. ​


What is a good life, or a healthy community, when our culture and society have been so completely disrupted that we’re struggling to imagine what our collective future looks like? As our national failure to control COVID-19 continues to ruin our lives, with no definitive return to “normal” in sight, where do we find hope? What do we do with our fear, and how do we handle extended isolation?

Greg M. Epstein, the Humanist Chaplain at Harvard and MIT, Convener for Ethical Life at MIT’s Office of Religious, Spiritual, and Ethical Life (ORSEL), a New York Times bestselling author and award-winning convener of ethical communities, creates a relaxed, unpretentious space for listeners to reflect and cultivate inner strength while everything is in flux … because we need to organize a conversation about the meaning of our lives, now more than ever.

Supported by a Grant from MIT’s MindHandHeart, this hour-long special starts at the heart of this crisis, as Greg talks with Helen Ouyang, a New York City E.R. doctor whose April New York Times Magazine cover story documented her struggle to maintain her own humanity while healing others. Jessi Gold, a leading campus psychiatrist, helps us manage the anxiety and depression levels we’re all neck deep in right now. And Lama Rod Owens, an inspiring Black, Queer Tantric Buddhist Lama, helps us manage our lingering, heartbroken rage (about ... *gestures broadly at everything*), even as he tends his own.

With cases spiking, a long winter ahead, academic pressure, much of student life cancelled, all during the most consequential election in modern history … you might just be feeling stressed right now. Let us help. 


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