During MC^2, students will have the chance to choose three out of nine workshops to attend for the day. Each workshop is led by MIT students, staff or faculty and will last approximately 75 minutes.

Family Expectations

Gustavo Burkett, Senior Associate Dean for Diversity and Community Involvement                                             Jennifer Madiedo '19

Whether your family places expectations on you, or you place expectations on yourself … we all struggle with figuring out how to deal with these emotions that sometimes can be heavy. Join us as we share, discuss and learn from each other ways in which we can deal with expectations.

Unpacking the Model Minority Myth

La-Tarri Canty, Assistant Dean - Multicultural Programs

This interactive workshop will discuss the Model Minority Myth, explore its’ impact on the lived experience of Asian students and highlight ways that we can help members of our community navigate challenges associated with the myth.

The Un-Documented Story: Their story, Our story, My story

Gerardo Garcia-Rios, Associate Dean & Co-Director - Student Support Services

In this interactive workshop students will learn how the immigrant community has changed over the years in the US and more concretely how immigrants have changed the country, MIT and their communities. Students will take a closer look at MIT and how it has affected the documented and undocumented communities alike and will walk away with options on what to do to support DACA or other undocumented communities.

The  Makings of Your Masterpiece

Alyssa Joseph, Assistant Director - Multicultural Programs

Each of us are born with and have chosen different social identities that makes us who we are. Join this discussion about the importance of knowing what intersectionality is, why it matters and what we can do to create a community where everyone can exist in their wholeness - their masterpiece. 

Reimagining Mental Health Care

Karen Singleton, Associate Medical Director; Chief, Mental Health and Counseling - MIT Medical                 Leslie Langston, L.I.C.S.W - MIT Medical



More to Come!