Authorized Occupant Credentials

Helpful information regarding campus access requirements

Active MIT credentials are required to access all exterior doors of the residence hall, along with other authorized areas of campus.  Below, please find helpful information regarding building access requirements and relevant MIT credentials by age group for all authorized occupants approved by MIT Housing & Residential Services (HRS).

As a reminder, all housing-related communications are sent to email addresses. Please ensure any spouses, partners, dependents or other authorized occupants monitor this account for important housing notifications, or be sure to forward all emails from an MIT email to a preferred email account.


Campus Resident PopulationEligible For
MIT ID NumberMIT ID CardKerberos IDMobile ID/App
Children ages four and underAutomaticN/AOptionalN/A
Residents ages five and olderAutomaticRequiredRequiredOptional

As displayed in the grid above:

  • Children ages four and under:  Will automatically be provided a MIT ID number once the additional occupant has been approved by HRS, however MIT ID cards will not be issued.  Obtaining a Kerberos ID is optional.

  • Residents ages five and older:  Will automatically be provided a MIT ID number, and are required to obtain both an MIT ID Card and a Kerberos ID.

MIT ID Numbers

  • After your additional occupant(s) have been approved by MIT Housing & Residential Services (HRS), an MIT ID number will be automatically generated for all occupants.  Information regarding how to submit "proof of family" documentation to receive HRS approval for additional occupants is available on our website

Kerberos IDs

  • After your additional occupant(s) have been approved by HRS, you will receive an automated email from with instructions on how to set up their Kerberos ID.  

Physical & Mobile MIT ID Cards

  • Regarding MIT ID cards, please visit the MIT ID website and follow the instructions (also copied below) only after the Kerberos ID has been created. Please note that it may take about one business day for MIT’s systems to populate a newly-created Kerberos account:  

Enable a digital MIT ID:

  • Install the MIT Atlas mobile app for iOS 13+ or Android 7+.
  • Log in through Touchstone using your Kerberos username and password (or a certificate).
  • Select the Mobile ID feature, and follow the guided steps.

To acquire a physical ID card:

For building access, all residents must have a Kerberos account and physical MIT ID card or optional MIT Mobile ID, and complete any current campus access requirements. If you encounter access issues or if you need additional assistance please reach out to or call (617) 253-1101.

While residents should always have their physical MIT ID card while accessing campus residence halls, residents can also utilize a digital version of the MIT ID (as described above) for convenient access to campus buildings. Please note, the mobile ID does not give you access to the local public transit systems. 

Housing-Related Inquiries

  • If you have housing-related inquiries such as how to submit "proof of family" documentation, please connect with a member of the HRS team by visiting our contact page.  We offer a variety of ways to connect with our office, including drop-in virtual office hours. 

MIT ID Card or Kerberos ID Inquiries

  • If you have any questions related to your MIT ID Card, please contact the Atlas Service Center via email at or by phone at (617) 253-3000.  For after-hours support, please contact or call (617) 253-1101.

MIT Police

MIT Police

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MIT Website

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