DSL Sponsored

DSL Sponsored

The Division of Student Life sponsors events for the MIT community focusing on issues related to student affairs. We are always looking for suggested topics or speakers, so please email your thoughts and comments to dsl-comments@mit.edu.

Academic Year 2016/2017


Building a Better World Through Public Service and Community Engagement, with Kate Trimble– Noon, Monday, April 3 (tentative).

Our featured guest is Kate Trimble, the new Senior Director of the Priscilla King Gray Public Service Center, who joined MIT in October 2016. Kate’s professional experience includes advancing community-engaged scholarship at Brown University’s public service center; leading a neighborhood development non-profit agency in Pittsburgh, PA; and developing a national urban policy research agenda at the Brookings Institution in Washington, DC.  Starting in January 2017, Kate will be working with the PKG Center staff and other stakeholders to develop a new strategic vision and plan for the Center and for public service more broadly at MIT.
Topics to be discussed include:
• Why does public service and community engagement matter at MIT? How does it advance student learning and development? How does it impact and benefit communities?
• Best practices in the field and new directions for service at MIT; PKG Center strategic plan update
• Opportunities for deeper engagement by students, staff, and alumni
Bring your lunch. Drinks and a dessert option will be provided. Please RSVP, so we may anticipate the number of attendees, to Cody Chamberlain, codyc@mit.edu.

An Overview of MIT’s Residential Education –Noon, Tuesday, February 7

Our featured speaker is Dean Judy Robinson, who leads Residential Education, a newly configured area in the Division of Student Life.  Judy has been with DSL for over six years in a variety of roles supporting students, including crisis management. She has a PhD in Developmental and Educational Psychology from Boston College, as well as degrees from the University of Connecticut and UMass-Amherst.  Residential education fosters community and individual development through diverse and enriching experiential learning opportunities in MIT residence halls and FSILGS.  It is comprised of several departments including Residential Life Programs, Student Citizenship, FSILGs, Conflict Management, and Crisis Response. By partnering with students, faculty, staff, and alumni, the Res Ed team works to develop a strong living-learning community for all students.

Topics to be discussed include:

  • Residence-based peer mentor program

  • FSILG leadership development initiatives

  • Dean on Call crisis response team

  • Bias response team and protocols pilot

"Meet MIT’s Newest Vice President, Suzy Nelson”– Noon, Thursday, December 15.

 Our featured guest is Suzy Nelson, MIT’s new Vice President and Dean for Student Life, who assumed her post on July 1. She brings more than three decades of experience managing student affairs and residential life at Colgate, Harvard, Cornell, and Syracuse. With extraordinary energy and insight, Suzy is now engaging the diverse challenges and opportunities – from building new dormitories to updating the mission of the Division of Student Life, one of the Institute’s largest and most diverse organizations.

Topics to be discussed include:
• Roles and responsibilities of the Vice President/Dean of Student Life
• Key initiatives in MIT Student Life today
• Opportunities for deeper collaboration and alumni involvement
Bring your lunch. Drinks and a dessert option will be provided. Please RSVP, so we may anticipate the number of attendees, to Cody Chamberlain, codyc@mit.edu.

“MIT Admissions Demystified”, Stu Schmill '86 – Noon, Monday, November 7.
Our featured guest is will be Stu Schmill ’86, Dean of Admissions and Student Financial Services who directs some very key areas in the educational enterprise that is MIT. Since his graduation, Stu has served the Institute in a variety of positions, including Director of Crew; Director of Parent, Student, and Young Alumni Programs in the MIT Alumni Association; Director of MIT's Educational Council, since 2008 Dean of Admissions. In 2016 he added Student Financial Services to his portfolio, which includes financial aid and student accounts. He is intimately involved in the process of selecting MIT’s outstanding student body and in overseeing how financial aid is distributed. He travels regularly for MIT nationally and around the world. false is an abridged version of his presentation.
Topics to be discussed include:
• Demystifying the MIT admissions process
• The importance of financial aid in college selection
• How alumni can interact with the process

Previous academic year lunches can be found HERE.

Workshop on “Blindspot: Hidden Biases of Good People”

We all have blind spots: subtle cues that influence our perceptions of others, and how we act towards them. On November 17, Harvard Prof. Mahzarin Banaji, co-author of the best-seller Blindspot: Hidden Biases of Good People, is hosting a workshop at MIT to help community members probe their own blind spots.

The workshop is sponsored by the Division of Student Life and the Institute Community and Equity Office. There’s no charge to attend, and all MIT faculty, staff, and students are welcome. In addition to a great workshop, DSL and the ICEO will provide free copies of Blindspot to anyone who registers for the event prior to Friday, October 14.

The workshop will be followed by a reception around 3:00pm for attendees with Prof. Banaji. We look forward to seeing you there. For questions please contact Bob Ferrara at rferrara@mit.edu or 617-253-7495.

Suzy Nelson, Vice President and Dean for Student Life

Ed Bertschinger, Institute Community and Equity Officer