All persons using MIT residence halls shall adhere to all policies of MIT, as well as local, state, and federal laws concerning health, safety, and public order.

Destruction, vandalism, theft, and moving of MIT Housing property is strictly prohibited, including but not limited to MIT Housing furniture and mattresses.

Playing of any sports activity in the hallways/common areas is prohibited.

Physical and sexual assault or verbal abuse, threats, intimidation, harrassment, corecion, offensive language, or conduct which threatens or endangers the  health or safety of oneself or another person, is prohibited.

Trespassing, tampering with, and/or unauthorized entry into the use of MIT Housing premises or property, including but not limited to roofs, elevators, offices, or balconies, is prohibited.

All individuals are expected to comply with the request of any MIT official (MIT Police, security staff, building staff, etc.) in performance of their duties.

MIT Housing may immediately remove from housing, without refund, any person whose conduct is deemed unsafe or unacceptable to MIT Housing. Reasons for immediate and permanent removal may include but are not limited to, use or possession of alcohol, public intoxication (regardless of age), use or possession of drugs and/or drug paraphernalia, offensive language, health and safety violations, vandalism, and unauthorized entry to space. The Guest and Summer Conference Housing Coordinator, or their designee, in their sole discretion, has final authority regarding the sanction to be issued to an individual who commits a violation. 

MIT Housing will remove an individual who:
  • commits a serious violation of MIT's rules or policies, as defined by MIT Housing
  • engages in behavior that MIT deems unacceptable or warranting removal
  • commits an infraction after already receiving a warning