The Diversity Leadership Retreat is two days of interactive fun and learning for MIT student organization executive board members. Participants will examine the meaning of diversity; learn its value and how to incorporate it into their respective student organizations.

Students will also explore the stereotypes, misconceptions and communication barriers that prevent many student groups from working cooperatively. At the end of the workshop, student leaders will cooperate to develop an action plan that will keep them working together toward a more supportive, stronger campus community.

The Diversity Leadership Retreat is FREE for all MIT student leaders. 

Stay tuned for  information about  DIversity Leadership Retreat  2018


 Students will:

  • EXPLORE the value of self-knowledge and self-reflection in their roles as leaders
  • REFLECT on how their identities influence their leadership and communication skills
  • DEVELOP leadership skills by acknowledging the lived experiences of others'
  • CONNECT with other student leaders to create an action plan to impact change and foster community on campus