On-the-Spot Awards

The DSL On-the-Spot Recognition Program helps staff members give immediate and spontaneous appreciation and recognition for the contributions of their peers. Giving an On-the-Spot card is a great way to say thank you to fellow colleagues and recognize excellent work.

How To Give On-The-Spot Recognition

  1. “WOW!” Notice an action/attitude that you would like to recognize.
  2. FAST FORM Fill out On-The-Spot Recognition Form.
  3. SUBMIT Submit your form.
  4. GET STUFF A Coordinator will give you a thank-you card and an On-The-Spot TechCASH card.
  5. SAY THANKS Write a thank-you note to the person you are recognizing. 
  6. A DASH OF CASH Insert the On-The-Spot TechCASH card.
  7. RECOGNIZE! Deliver to the person you are recognizing.

For more information about the On-The-Spot program, please contact Alicja Estabrooks at (617) 253-1496.

About the Program
The DSL Spot Award Redesign Committee, comprised of a cross-section of DSL staff, was charged with developing a fair, consistent, user-friendly recognition program that can be applied across the many unique areas of DSL. Committed to fostering a Community of Appreciation, the Committee looked to design an “award” that was personal and immediate. The Committee also focused on: clarifying what types of actions are appropriate for recognition, developing methods for educating staff about the program, and creating a unified program across DSL. These values resulted in a new name, a new program, and new educational materials. In order to clarify the purpose of the program, while maintaining a piece of its history, the Committee chose to call the program the DSL On-the-Spot Recognition Program. The Recognition is a handwritten thank-you note to be given On-the-Spot, accompanied by a customized On-the-Spot $10 TechCash card.