The MIT housing process is designed to give students the most flexibility but we may be limited by logistics, availability, and a commitment to honor the greatest number of requests for on-campus housing.

How to Request a Specific Roommate/Suitemates/Apartment-mate

  • If you receive an assignment through the allocation, you may make a roommate request
  • If you have a friend you wish to room with, both you and that person must indicate that you want to be roommates with each other on the roommate questionnaire after you receive your allocation assignment.
  • You and your requested roommate(s) must be assigned to the same building and room type in the allocation. If you are assigned to different buildings and/or room types, you cannot be roommates.
  • You may specify up to three possible roommates.

Single-Sex and Gender Inclusive Assignments

  • We assign students to gender inclusive apartments and suites. You will be assigned to a gender inclusive suite or apartment if you indicated that you would prefer a gender inclusive assignment or you request to be placed with a specific roommate who's gender is different than your own. Gender inclusive assignments cannot be guaranteed.
  • You will be assigned to a single-sex suite or apartment if you specify this request in the housing application.