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Fundraising Seminar for MIT’s FSILGs

Fundraising Seminar for MIT’s FSILGs

June 13, 2018

MIT plans to team up with the Association of Independent Living Group (AILG) members to address deferred maintenance and repair of living facilities. The Institute’s new agenda follows a recent facilities assessment study of MIT's Fraternities, Sororities, and Independent Living Groups (FSILGs).

On May 9 the Alumni Association, Division of Student Life, and the ALIG hosted a fundraising seminar dinner for interested FSILG alumni and students. Participants learned of the resources MIT has assigned to tackle upkeep in both its academic and residential settings. Attendees were also informed of the on-campus support available to them for FSILG fundraising efforts. A photo album of the event is available here.

While the challenges of maintaining over a century year old FSILG building may seem daunting, this seminar emphasizes to alumni and students that there are resources to fund and care for these spaces. 

The MIT Alumni Association (MITAA) will help FSILGs identify donors and help secure their support. Reaching out to the MITAA and its leaders—such as Director of Alumni Relations Allison Dolan-Wilson and her team—is a great place to get started, but there are plenty of other resources. The Division of Student Life, the AILG Finance Committee, and the Independent Residence Development Fund all offer a host of coaching opportunities.

Additional events regarding this topic will be held in the fall. For more information, please contact any of the following individuals:

Tom Stohlman ‘76 (AILG Building Safety Facilitator) | 617-253-6030
Scott Klemm (FCI Executive Director) | 617-452-4053
Bob Ferrara '67 (IRDF Grant Committee, DSL Administration) | 617-253-7495
Brad Badgley (DSL FSILG Office) | 617-253-7546

Written by Dan Kilbridge

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