Move-out Info

Spring 2021 Move-Out

Move-out Deadline

As a reminder, all residents are expected to move out of their Spring 2021 housing assignment by Friday, May 28 at 12:00 Noon unless a pre-approved extension has been granted.

Travel Guidance from MIT Medical

Students living in on-campus housing who plan to leave campus for the semester should receive a negative result from a COVID-19 test administered by an MIT Medical testing facility within 72 hours of their planned departure.  

Thank You

This has been a semester unlike any other and the entire team at Housing & Residential Services (HRS) would like to thank you for your continued positivity and partnership.  Best wishes for a wonderful end to the spring semester and a fantastic summer!  If you have any housing-related inquiries related to move-out, please do not hesitate to reach out to the HRS team via email at

Complete Move-Out Form  


HRS is asking all current on-campus residents to complete a Spring 2021 Move-Out Form (linked below).  Your response to this form will help us:

  • Anticipate House staffing needs
  • Prevent crowding in house lobbies, and 
  • Plan for traffic flow and transportation needs on campus.

Information entered on the form is non-binding; we understand that plans might change! If you'd like to update your departure information, you can update your form or complete the form again.

Complete Move-Out Form  

After you have completed removing all personal belongings from your room, please visit the front desk of your residence hall.  Staff will assist with collecting your room key and recording your check-out prior to your departure.  You do not need to reserve a specific check-out time in advance.  Any specific questions about this process in your building may be directed to your House Operations Manager

Yes. MIT’s Parking & Transportation Office will once again offer shuttles to Logan Airport. Reservations will be required, and can be made approximately one week prior to the end of the semester. Please check the Parking & Transportation website for more details.

You are expected to remain in compliance with all COVID Pass requirements until you turn in your room key and move off campus.  After your check-out has been recorded, your building access through COVID Pass will terminate.  Residents approved to remain in on-campus housing through the SHARP program are expected to continue with all COVID Pass requirements for the duration of their stay on campus.

As a reminder, students living in on-campus housing who plan to leave campus for the semester should receive a negative result from a COVID-19 test administered by an MIT Medical testing facility within 72 hours of their planned departure.  

Yes.  All personal items must be removed from MIT housing by Friday, May 28, 2021 at 12:00 pm (Noon).  The only exceptions are for those residents with a pre-approved housing extension and/or those utilizing Piece by Piece Movers (boxed and labeled items may be left in your room for pickup by their moving staff). 

As MIT is planning for full operations in the fall, Housing & Residential Services likewise is planning to resume typical practices regarding storage for Summer 2021. This means that students must make their own arrangements to store personal belongings for the summer months. 

DormCon has developed a list of off-campus storage vendors recommended by other students. Students may arrange storage with any vendor they choose and are responsible for all costs. 

Students might note that HRS has recently worked with Piece by Piece Movers. Students who are currently on-campus can conveniently place orders with Piece by Piece on the custom website for MIT, process payment online, and leave packed belongings in their Spring 2021 housing assignment for pick-up. Belongings can be stored for the summer and brought back to campus for the Fall 2021 semester--directly to a student’s fall housing assignment!--or items can be shipped to an off-campus address. Check the Piece by Piece website for more information.

In-house summer storage is extremely limited and only available in select residence halls (Simmons Hall, Random Hall and East Campus). All students utilizing in-house storage must provide proof/confirm insurance coverage before their belongings can be stored in these residences.  For additional information regarding insurance, please visit the summer storage webpage.  Also, regarding in-house summer storage, students can only store belongings in residences to which they will be returning for their Fall 2021 housing assignment. (E.g., a Spring 2021 Simmons resident may only store belongings in Simmons for Summer 2021 if they have a Fall 2021 housing assignment in Simmons.)

REMINDER! Students are responsible for arranging storage and insurance, and moving their belongings before they check out of their spring housing assignment. Any item left in a room after check out will be discarded and the student may be subject to a cleaning fee.​

No. Residents will not be permitted to bring guests into the residence halls to assist with Spring 2021 move-out.

As described in FAQs on the SHARP webpage, students should be prepared to move to a new housing assignment in MacGregor House after May 28, 2021.  Students should also expect that all COVID-19 policies and expectations designed to keep MIT and neighboring community members safe will remain in place throughout the summer.  

Move-out Checklist

(Downloadable PDF)

Remember, residents must move out of their residence hall by 12:00 pm (Noon) on Friday, May 28, 2021 unless a pre-approved extension has been granted.

  1. Pre-Plan for the Move.  Prior to leaving, please complete the move-out form in advance and make sure you’ve thought through when and how you plan to leave campus.  This may include consulting your finals schedule, making travel and off-campus storage arrangements, and reaching out to family or friends to help coordinate your departure. Please note, however, that guests are not allowed in the residence halls during move-out. 
  2. Pack all personal belongings.  This includes any belongings brought with you and items that you may have accumulated during the semester.  Make sure to check your drawers, restroom, and other spaces where you may have placed items.  If you require boxes, they will be available at the front desk of your residence hall.  Please contact your House Operations Manager if you have any questions.  Residents utilizing services provided by Piece by Piece Movers may leave boxed and labeled belongings in their room.   
  3. Remove all trash and recycling.  Please do not leave any perishable items in your room and be sure to deposit all trash and recycling in the appropriate area.  If you have any questions about where to dispose of these items, please contact your House Operations Manager.
  4. Tidy Your Living Space.  Please leave your room in the same condition that it was when you arrived on campus. Ensure that all bedroom furniture belonging to the residence hall is accounted for.    
  5. Check-out at the Front Desk.  When you’re ready to depart campus, please lock your door and proceed to the front desk of your residence hall.  Staff will collect your room key(s) and confirm that you have checked out of your residence for the semester.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to the team at Housing & Residential Services via email at  Please know that additional support resources, including resources that are available after hours and 24/7, are available to support you wherever you are in the world when you are faced with a challenge.