Key Dates

Please consult our Dates & Deadlines webpage for specific move-out dates for each academic semester.

Support Resources

The Institute's support resources are available to assist you if you are experiencing any challenges.

Our Gratitude

Thank you for being part of MIT's residential community. Please reach out to us with any questions. 

See you later.

Below, please find guidance regarding how to properly move out of your undergraduate housing assignment.  If you are departing campus at the conclusion of the spring semester and require a temporary housing extension, please visit our Housing Extension webpage for more information. 

Prior to leaving, please take a moment to think through when and how you plan to leave campus.  This may include consulting your finals schedule, making travel and off-campus storage or shipping arrangements, purchasing moving boxes, and reaching out to family or friends to help coordinate your departure. 

Airport shuttle information will be posted to the MIT Parking & Transportation website (only available during Thanksgiving Break, Winter Break and Spring Break campus departures) . 

Please pack all of your items.  This includes any belongings brought with you and items that you may have accumulated during the semester.  Make sure to check your drawers, restroom, and other spaces where you may have placed items. 

Please contact your House Operations Manager if you have any questions.  

Please remove all trash and personal belongings.  Do not leave any perishable items in your room and be sure to deposit all trash and recycling in the appropriate area.  If you have any questions about where to dispose of these items, please contact your House Operations Manager.

Please leave your room in the same condition that it was when you arrived on campus. Ensure that all bedroom furniture belonging to the residence hall is accounted for.    

When you’re ready to depart campus, please lock your door and proceed to the front desk of your residence hall.  Staff will collect your room key(s) and confirm that you have checked out of your residence for the semester.