Undergraduate Residential Life

Undergraduate Residential Life (URL) partners with faculty, students, and staff to create a vibrant atmosphere for living and learning. Residence Halls are led by live-in faculty who oversee a House Team consisting of an Area Director, live-in Graduate Resident Advisors (GRAs), and a House Manager. Additionally, students play a significant role in building community within residences through strong house governments and a variety of student-led programs. The result is a distinctive residential culture that supports independent and diverse house communities.
URL strives to cultivate an inclusive community. Working collaboratively with House Teams and campus partners, we have broad responsibilities for the wellbeing and education of our residents including:

  • Strengthening the network of support for students
  • Helping the Heads of House, Area Directors, GRAs, Peer Mentors, and students in their roles as community leaders
  • Fostering a diverse and welcoming environment
  • Providing opportunities for reflection and personal growth
  • Facilitating the resolution of group and individual conflicts
  • Upholding expectations for conduct aligned with MIT policies and practices