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Suzy Nelson, Vice President & Dean for Student Life

Welcome to Spring 2021

Dear students,

After several months of careful planning and a fall semester when we reimagined student life amidst a pandemic, I’m looking forward to beginning the spring semester and welcoming you back to campus. Aside from new living arrangements, policies (for undergraduates and graduate students), and procedures, everyone on campus has additional responsibilities for managing risks associated with Covid-19 in our residences, academic buildings, labs, and shared spaces.

I know we all want to get back to something like the “old normal” we once enjoyed: to resume cherished activities, to be with loved ones, and to engage in our work. Getting there--whether we are on campus or elsewhere--requires everyone to do their part by taking a few simple  precautions: wear a face-covering when you’re outside your living space or in public; wash your hands regularly; cover coughs and sneezes; keep six feet apart from other people indoors and outdoors; and encourage friends to do the same.

That last step is especially important on campus as we work together to prevent the virus from spreading among community members. The campus guides for undergraduates and graduate students describe some of the responsibilities we share. Even though these measures are inconvenient at times, we know these safeguards work. 

The MIT experience is built on cooperation, teamwork, and mutual respect and support. These values can also help us contain the spread of the virus and make the campus experience feel as much like MIT as possible.

I look forward to seeing you soon,
Suzy Nelson