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Summer/Fall 2021
Undergraduate Campus

Getting back to pre-Covid conditions

Updated June 7, 2021

Life on MIT's campus is getting back to something like pre-Covid conditions but with a few added precautions. Here's some perspective on summer and preliminary information on fall as of June 7, 2021. More updates are coming later this summer.

Please note. State and local health guidance changes rapidly. MIT will review and updates policies to align with evolving public health guidance as quickly as practicable.


Vaccinations, testing, attesting, and reporting - Updated June 7, 2021

As announced by Chancelor Barnhart on April 30, all MIT students are required to be fully vaccinated this fall. Additionally, faculty and staff are required to be vaccinated. If you haven't uploaded your proof of vaccination, please visit to submit your information.

As of June 7, 2021, all residents of MIT-approved housing or anyone who accesses campus at least weekly needs to test once a week and attest to their health daily using Covid Pass. Non-compliance with testing and attesting requirements may result in facilities access restrictions. Please see the updated policies on testing and attestation for the latest.

Symptomatic persons or close contacts. Students and campus residents who exhibit symptoms of Covid-19 or who come into close contact with someone they know has tested positive for COVID-19 must stay in their room, suite, or apartment and immediately notify MIT Medical at for guidance on next steps. Please review the Mandatory Reporting, Quarantining & Isolation policy for details.

Face-coverings and physical distancing - Updated June 7, 2021

Non-residential facilities. MIT's policy is for everyone to wear well-fitted face coverings in MIT's non-residential buildings except when they are eating or drinking or alone in a fully enclosed space, regardless of their vaccination status.

Residences. Face-coverings are optional for fully-vaccinated residents, although it is recommended that vaccinated individuals wear face coverings when in common spaces, corridors, and while attending registered residence hall events. Unvaccinated residents and unvaccinated individuals who visit MIT residence halls are expected to wear a face covering in all common areas and public spaces, including while attending registered residence hall events.

Events. Regardless of vaccination status, residents and guests are encouraged to wear face coverings at registered residence hall events. Individuals who are not vaccinated are expected to wear face coverings at residence hall events.

As public health guidance evolves, guidelines related to face-coverings is changing as well. See the updated policy on face-coverings to see what's changed.

Eating and physical distancing. Public health officials recommend maintining six feet of physical distance between you and other individuals eating around you or eight feet between your group and other groups regardless of vaccination status. Whenever possible, please eat outside and enjoy the (hopefully) pleasant summer weather. If you can't eat outside, please limit the time you are eating inside to 20 minutes.

Support - Updated June 7, 2021

Customary undergraduate and graduate student support resources are available this summer by phone and online. Check out ​​ to find the appropriate support for your needs.

Residences and FSILGs - Updated June 7, 2021

MIT-approved housing, including residence halls and FSILGs, are expected to operate at full capacity this fall. Non-compliance with Covid testing and attesting requirements may result access restrictions. Please read the updated Covid compliance policy for details.

Dining and food - Updated June 7, 2021

Retail eateries remain closed with the exception of Dunkin' Donuts in the Student Center. This fall, other retail eateries across campus and new suite of retail eateries in the Student Center are expected to be open. 

Residential dining and kitchens. This fall, all residential dining halls and cook-for-yourself and country kitchens are expected to be open.

Eating and physical distancing. Please maintain six feet of physical distance between you and other individuals eating around you or eight feet between your group and other groups. Whenever possible, please eat outside and enjoy the (hopefully) pleasant summer weather. If you can't eat outside, please limit the time you are eating inside to 20 minutes.

Access to non-residential buildings - Updated June 7, 2021

All campus residents and students in Covid Pass can access non-residential campus buildings through card-reader enabled doors. Note that face-coverings are required in all non-residential buildings. Please read the updated building access policy for details.

Campus visitors - Updated June 7, 2021

Visitors may now enter non-residential campus buildings from any access point if accompanied and escorted at all times by a Covid Pass user who is authorized to access buildings. Unescorted visitors continue to be allowed in outdoor spaces on campus. All visitors must follow MIT’s pre-Covid visitor policies, as well as posted Covid safety precautions.


Fall athletics, club sports, and intramurals - Updated June 7, 2021

Athletics updates will be posted later this summer. Please visit the varsity athletics, club sports, and intramural sports websites for the latest news. 

Recreation - Updated June 7, 2021

Covid-19 restrictions on vaccinated persons related health clubs and swimming pools have been rolled back. Please visit DAPER's reopening recreation page for more on current facility occupancy, measures to keep staff and guests safe, and summer access for registered students.

Class of 2021. Please note that graduating students's DAPER recreation memberships expire on June 30, 2021.

Physical Education - Updated June 7, 2021

Please check the MIT physical education and wellness website for updates on summer and fall classes.


Intercultural communities - Updated June 7, 2021

As changes to Covid-time policies unfold, MIT is working to help students on campus and online find community, learn about available resources, discuss hot topics, and interact with peers. Please visit the online homes chaplainof LBGTQ+ Services, the Office of Multicultural Programs, and the Social Justice Programming & Cross Cultural Engagement Intercultural Center (SPXCE, pronounced "space") for more information on upcoming events and offerings.

Religious Life

The Office of Religious, Spiritual, and Ethical Life (ORSEL) is available for anyone who needs support. Chaplains are available by phone, email, and remote video conferencing to listen, talk, and be present for you.

If you would like to speak with a chaplain, please email and include brief information about the support you are seeking from ORSEL. An ORSEL staff member will connect you with a chaplain as soon as possible.

The MIT Chapel, Religious Life Center (W11), and Walker Memorial quiet space will not be available to use for personal prayer and reflection in spring 2021. We encourage students to pack and bring what they need to conduct religious practices in their rooms. If you need any assistance do not hesitate to contact us at The chaplain list is available at

Events and parties in Institute-approved housing - Updated June 7, 2021

As public health guidance evolves, guidelines related to on- and off-campus parties, gatherings, and events is changing as well. At this time, undergraduate summer residents in MacGregor House must coordinate with their area director and resident advisor before planning an in-house event. Please see the updated policy on events and parties in institute-approved housing for more information. 

Student group gatherings - Updated June 7, 2021

Student group-sponsored events are now permitted. Event sponsors are expected to register all attendees for events that include non-MIT visitors; for contact-tracing purposes, all attendees at such events must provide their name, contact information, and voluntary information on their vaccination status. Visitor access for events must be managed as described above. All attendees must wear well-fitted face coverings while at indoor events on campus. While events that include food are permissible, buffet-style serving is not permitted.

Additional details on financial and shipping processes can be found at