FSILG Retreat Funding Application Process

The FSILG Office recognizes the value of having meaningful educational experiences through participation in chapter retreats and inter/national conventions, conferences and conclaves. Thanks to generous alumni contributions and funding specifically earmarked for student leadership development opportunities for FSILG students, the FSILG Office is able to support these retreat and conference efforts via limited financial resources. This financial support exists to offset costs associated with these events and is not meant to serve as the main funding source. This funding is not guaranteed to any group and chapters must apply for funding in advance. The funding will come to chapters as a reimbursement after the event has taken place. Please note that the FSILG Office will only accept original receipts. Copies of credit card statements, screen shots, and other duplicates will not be accepted. All receipts must be itemized and any receipts with items “blacked out” will not be accepted. Regardless of the amount requested, all receipts for the event must be submitted.
Additional Information
• A representative from the organization requesting funding is required to have an in person meeting with an FSILG staff member prior to and after the event.
• Organizations are permitted to apply for and receive up to $1000 of reimbursed retreat funding per fiscal year (July 1-June 30).
• Any organization that is hosting a new member retreat must have the retreat approved by its inter/national headquarters or Chapter/Alumni Advisor (local organizations and ILGs only) and verification sent to the FSILG Office.
• For organizations that are applying for inter/national programs (eg. conclave, convention, leadership institutes) the FSILG Office will only cover the registration cost of a participant that exceeds the minimum number of delegates that are required to attend.
• In order to receive funding from the FSILG Office, an alumni member, chapter/alumni advisory board member, or representative from the inter/national headquarters must be present at the retreat.
• Requests for events taking place in the fall semester and IAP will not be accepted after the end of the business day on December 1st.
• Requests for events taking place in the spring semester and summer will not be accepted after the end of business day on June 1st.
In addition, please submit a full agenda, breakdown of costs & the funding sources (ie chapter budget, alumni donations etc), total estimated cost and the amount being requested from the FSILG Office. This should be sent to fsilg-office@mit.edu.
All proposal materials must be submitted to the FSILG Office no later than two weeks prior to the event. Please contact the FSILG Office if your organization needs assistance with completing the application or for planning for the event.
FSILG Retreat Funding Request Application
FSILG Inter/national Conference Funding Request Application