About the FSILG Awards

The Fraternities, Sororities, and Independent Living Groups (FSILGs) Office hosts an annual awards reception in the late spring to recognize individuals and organizations that have gone above and beyond throughout the academic year.  Undergraduate members may submit an application on behalf of someone else or for themselves in a variety of categories.  Award winners are determined by the staff of the FSILG Office. 

Nominate a member or group here for the 2024 FSILG Awards

Nominations are due no later than Friday, March 29, at 11:59 pm ET. The awards will be presented at the FSILG Awards Banquet on May 9, 2024 at 6 pm. Watch for more information on the banquet.

FSILG Community Award Descriptions

Frederick Gardiner Fasset, Jr. Award (FSILG Member of the Year)

This award is presented annually to up to four individual members of the FSILG Community, one from each of the four student councils, who have most unselfishly demonstrated the qualities of spirit, dedication, and service in furthering the ideals of MIT brotherhood, sisterhood, and membership excellence.

David N. Rogers Ideals and Values Awards

Established in 2006, this award is named for a former Dean of Fraternities, Sororities, and Independent Living Group. His contributions and years of service made an immeasurable contribution to the development of our Greek community and its members. His model has been one which we now encourage all of our members to emulate.

IFC and Panhellenic collaborated to create their most prestigious award given to the organizations that best represent the collective values of the MIT Greek Community. Our community pursues the values of character, scholarship, leadership, service, and fraternity; however, the recipient of this award has incorporated these values into their every day actions. They have continually served as an example, which has guided other members of the community to the realization of what it truly means to be Greek.

Organizations will be evaluated based on their fulfillment of the Ideal Greek Community Vision Statement (included below), which was developed by Presidents of both organizations to outline their common values, which unite us as one community.

Ideal Greek Community Vision Statement:
 We are one united community in our pursuit of shared values: character, scholarship, leadership, service, and fraternity. These shared values form our collective bond that is strengthened by our diverse experiences. Mindful of our responsibility to honor our values, we support and hold each other accountable. Our actions resonate not only within our organizations, but also in the global community.

Stephen D. Baker Outstanding Change Initiative Award

This award is presented to an FSILG that has made outstanding improvement within their fraternity, sorority, independent living group or within the entire FSILG community. This award recognizes major initiatives that have led to positive change and has measured improvements, results and positive outcomes in all or some of the following areas: scholarship, leadership, member development, risk management, retention and membership recruitment.

The purpose of this award is to acknowledge the excellent work of the chapters in strengthening the MIT FSILG community and creating sustainable chapters.
Nominations must include specific information regarding the environment within the chapter or community that led to the change as well as information in the initiative and how it built partnerships between MIT, alumni, students and the inter/national organization (if applicable). 

The James R. Killian, Jr. Community Service Award

This award is presented to the FSILG organization with the most outstanding community service program. The award is made in honor of Dr. James Killian, Jr., an avid supporter of MIT's FSILGs and president of MIT from 1949-1959. Excellence in community relations is also essential to the award.

The Kenneth R. Wadleigh Faculty Interaction Award

This award is presented to the FSILG organization that has best promoted and encouraged faculty-student interaction in the organization. The award is made in honor of Kenneth R. Wadleigh, former Dean of Student Affairs and Vice President and Dean of the Graduate School from 1975-1983, for his long-standing commitment and service to the FSILG Community at MIT. Selections are based on program innovation, excellence, and effectiveness.

Senior Legacy Awards

Senior Legacy Awards are presented to individual members of the graduating class who have made extraordinary contributions to the FSILG Community and who have implemented programs, events, or new traditions that promote the values of the FSILG Community.

Outstanding Graduate Resident Advisor Awards

These awards are presented to FSILG Graduate Resident Advisors (GRA) who have provided outstanding service to the FSILG in the past year.  Nominees should have performed above and beyond the expectations of the job.

Outstanding Alumnus/Volunteer Advisor Awards

This award recognizes outstanding volunteers, chapter advisors or house corporation members who best exemplify the value volunteer service to the FSILG community or to an individual FSILG. 

The FSILG Advocate Award

The FSILG Advocate Award was established in 2011 to recognize those staff members or organizations of the MIT community that have demonstrated consistent support and understanding of our fraternities, sororities, and independent living groups. Through their interactions with chapters, organizations, and alumni, the FSILG Advocate furthers the principles of leadership, scholarship and citizenship by helping to make the MIT FSILGs stronger and safer places for members and guests.  Winners are selected by the FSILG Office team.

D. Reid Weedon, Jr. '41 Alumni/ae Relations Award

The D. Reid Weedon, Jr. '41 FSILG Alumni Relations Award was established by Mr. Weedon, an alumnus of Phi Beta Epsilon Fraternity, to encourage Fraternity, Sorority, and Independent Living Group (FSILG) student outreach to their alumni. The award is given to the FSILG that has demonstrated the greatest effort in alumni relations for the academic year. This award has a separate application and review process.  Please go here to view the application process as well as a list of past winners.


In addition to the FSILG Awards, the IFC and Panhellenic Councils honor their members with individual accolades which are also presented at the FSILG Annual Awards Banquet.