Leadership Opportunities


Leadership Development

The mission of the Leadership Development Area in SOLE is to educateequip, and empower students to lead and serve the nation and the world.

We believe that leadership can be learned and aim to provide students with a variety of inclusive, accessible, and intentional opportunities to develop their leadership philosophy and skills. We use leadership theories, models, and approaches that help students better understand themselves, others, communities, and contexts so that they can lead mindfully, equitably, and responsibly.

We seek to develop in each MIT student the ability and passion to lead wisely, creatively, and effectively for the betterment of humankind.

Students who participate in a SOLE Leadership Development Program will be able to…

    1. Develop a better understanding of their leadership style (personality, strengths, beliefs, values)
    2. Develop a better understanding of how to use their leadership style to set and achieve goals
    3. Reflect on and assess their experiences to understand how they can make effective decisions in the future
    4. Value understanding the conditions and perspectives of others to act with empathy and inclusivity
    5. Value the perspectives and contributions of others
    6. Understand the importance of forming considerate, productive, and mutually beneficial relationships with others
    7. Demonstrate personal and social responsibility and the pursuit of positive personal and social change

    SOLE has three signature leadership programs: the Experiential Trips Program, the Rising Leader Program, and the Leadership Capstone Program