Club & Intramural Sports

Club Sports
The more than thirty club sports at MIT are focused on either instruction or competition. Many competitive clubs have excelled regionally and nationally (such as the MIT Cycling Team, pictured above, which has won the USA Cycling Collegiate Road National Championships numerous times), with some athletes going to compete internationally. The instructional clubs are staffed by accomplished experts who are dedicated to helping students improve in their sport.

Each club is student-led and student-governed, and open to anyone who meets the eligibility guidelines. Athletes at all skill levels—from absolute beginners to seasoned veterans—are welcome. Please check out the Club Sports homepage for more details and a list of teams.

Intramural Sports
"For students, by students" is the motto of MIT's Intramural Sports (IM) program. This signifies students' tremendous effort to organize and manage leagues, captain teams, and participate in governance of the IM program. MIT's IM sports tradition dates back many decades and upholds these priorities:
  • To provide a wide range of individual and team sports at varying levels of competitiveness the MIT community
  • To provide opportunities for social interaction and the development of lasting friendships
  • To teach the value of sportsmanship, the principles of fair play, and a positive attitude
  • To develop habits of participation in physical activity that can carry over into everyday living
  • To develop physical fitness
  • To provide leadership opportunities through participation
  • To provide employment opportunities and educational experiences for students
For more details about IM sports at MIT, visit the Intramural Sports homepage.