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Intercultural Engagement (i.e.), LBGTQ+ Services, Women and Gender Services (WXGS), and SOLE are proud to present the 3rd annual I am a LEADer (LEAD - Learning Equity And Diversity) diversity leadership conference!

The conference will take place virtually over the last week of IAP - Monday, January 30th - February 3, 2023 and is open to all MIT STUDENTS.

2023 I am a LEADer Schedule

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Monday, January 30th

11:00 am        Opening - Register Here

  • Welcome! From Gus Burkett, Senior Associate Dean of Diversity and Community Involvement, Jimmy Doan, Associate Dean, Office of Student Wellbeing and Layla Araiinejad, Master of Science (S.M.) in Technology and Policy candidate at MIT Schwarzman College of Computing . Land Acknowledgement by Alvin Harvey, Joy Domingo-Kameenui, and Nina Lytton.

1:00 pm          Covering: Coerced Conformity - Register Here

  • We all face an identity or identities outside of the mainstream. Yet being part of the mainstream is often a requirement to participate in social life. How do we show up as our authentic selves and how do we support a community in which we recognize the diversity that exists within the human experience.
  • Presenters: Bryan Thomas, Jr., Assistant Dean for diversity, equity and inclusion in Sloan and Tracie Jones, Assistant Dean for diversity, equity and inclusion in SHASS

2:30  pm        Microchat: Big Data & Systemic Racism - Register Here

  • Identifying and overcoming racially discriminatory processes in US society asks for a research approach that incorporates a variety of perspectives. In this microchat, Chris Hays and Erin Walk discuss how the MIT Initiative on Combatting Systemic Racism (ICSR) combines data science with the extensive social science literature on systemic racism to develop and harness computational tools that can help effect structural and normative change towards racial equity. We will talk about the role that algorithms play in the proliferation of extremism online – be it white nationalism or other toxic social phenomena - and how it affects online and offline behavior. 
  • Presenters: IDSS - Suzanne Bergenhenegouwen, Erin Walk, SES PhD Student at the Institute for Data, Systems, and Society and Chris Hays, SES PhD Student at the Institute for Data, Systems, and Society.

4:00 pm         What Does 'Gender Inclusive' Look Like in Gendered Spaces? - Register Here

  • Gender is complex and fluid, so does your gendered men or women's group change with it to be more inclusive. What does that look like? What does it mean? All are welcome of all levels of gender identity knowledge to this group discussion to better understand gender inclusive spaces and how you might create them.
  • Presenter: Lauryn McNair (she/they), Assistant Dean of LBGTQ+,Women and Gender Services (WXGS)

7:00 pm         Implicit Bias and Microaggressions - Register Here

  • Learn about implicit bias and microaggressions' impact on how we interact with our peers, friends and strangers. Take a deep dive to learn how to combat our internal biases and how to confront microaggressions when we see them.
  • Presenter: Nina DeAgrela, Assistant Dean of Intercultural Engagement

Tuesday, January 31

1:00 pm          Decoding Wellbeing - Register Here

  • While wellbeing is for everyone, commonly used language can be loaded and exclusionary, and myths about wellbeing have created a world of wellness that is only welcome to a select few. Join us for a session to dive into the myths and deconstruct the language that is commonly used to influence health and wellbeing in harmful ways.  We will discuss common jargon in wellness spaces, oppressive structures, and discrimination to challenge assumptions about what “healthy” looks like
  • Presenter: Grace Conte-Bennett (she/her), Assistant Director, Office of Student Wellbeing

2:30 pm          Microchat: Information Overload pt. 1 - Register Here

  • Still processing from workshops this week? Do you have more questions than answers after participating in this week’s conference? Join this microchat round table, facilitated by DEI Assistant Dean of Sloan, Bryan Thomas, Jr., to chat more about your experiences.
  • Presenter: Bryan Thomas, Jr., Assistant Dean for diversity, equity and inclusion in Sloan

3:30 pm          Creating an Anti-Racist LBGTQ+ Community - Register Here

  • The "Creating an Anti-Racist LBGTQ+ Community workshop is a collaboration between LBGTQ+ Services and Intercultural Engagement (i.e) curated to provide participants with tips and tools on how to build an intersectional anti-racist LBGTQ+ Community at MIT.
  • Presenters: Jeremy Torres (he/they), Assistant Director of LBGTQ+ Services and Dr. Alma Jam (she/her), Assistant Director of Intercultural Engagement

5:00 pm           PEP DEI Workshop: Identity 101 - Register Here

  • Within this three-part workshop, PEP leaders will engage participants to think about their identities more deeply, how systems in our society contribute to their live experience with their identities, and introduce an engaging activity to learn more about DEI terminology.
  • Presenters: Sam Salwan (they/she) and Kyra Shutt (any/all)

Wednesday, February 1

11:00 am          Antisemitism and Jewish Inclusion on Campus: A Workshop for MIT Students - Register here

  • Jewish students, as a minority group, are encountering much of the same discomfort that other minorities face on campus and in the world, in that they don’t feel heard or acknowledged. This training is designed to help MIT students better understand the history of Judaism, the diversity of Jewish students/the Jewish community and how the rising climate of antisemitism, anti-Zionism and anti-Israel activity are impacting their peers and their feeling of being included in/excluded from campus life.
  • Presenters: Rabbi Michelle Fisher (she/her), Executive Director, and Shoshana Gibbor (she/her), Director of Birthright & Israel Engagement - MIT Hillel

1:00 pm        Curiosity & Inclusive Leadership - Register Here

  • Explore curiosity as a signature trait of inclusive leadership. In this session, you will learn the elements of curiosity, what inclusive leaders think about, and what inclusive leaders do.

  • Presenter: Kat Waxstein (she/her), Director for Student Leadership Development in the Student Organizations, Leadership and Engagement

2:00 pm       Making Media Communications Accessible - Register here

  • Oftentimes, people assume that if content is digital, it will inherently be accessible to users with disabilities. In reality, making content accessible needs to be a purposeful part of your process! Explore how you can improve the accessibility of your communications through being strategic with how you use language, links, images, colors, tools, and templates.

  • Presenters: Jen Dee (she/her) and Katherine Wahl (she/her)

3:00 pm         Microchat - QTPOC: Resting as a form of leadership - Register Here

  • Presenter: Jeremy Torres (he/they), Assistant Director of LBGTQ+ Services

5:00 pm         PEP DEI Workshop: Power & Stress - Register Here

  • This 60 minute interactive workshop led by PEP leaders will engage participants to think more deeply about "power" and reflect on various situations that may come up at MIT. It will also help students reflect on how power intersects with identity and how these two factors engage with systems that can contribute to stress.
  • Presenters Jovan Markovic (he/his) and Ashley Williams (she/her)

7:00 pm        Microchat: DEI Current Events, Bringing The Outside In - Register Here

  • Media channels like news, radio, music and more are constantly discussing DEI current events but what does it all mean back at MIT? How does what’s happening ‘out there’ impact me ‘in here’? Let’s think through the impact in this microchat lead by DEI Assistant Dean of SHASS, Tracie Jones.

  • Presenter: Tracie Jones, Assistant Dean for diversity, equity and inclusion in SHASS

Thursday, February 2

1:00 pm        Intergenerational Leadership - Register Here

  • Learn about the defining experiences, characteristics, and values of 5 different generations: Traditionalist, Baby Boomers, Generation X, Millenials, and Generation Z. This session will explore strategies for effectively engaging with individuals of each of these generations in various leadership contexts.
  • Presenter: Kat Waxstein, Director for Student Leadership, SOLE

6:00 pm        Microchat - Non-Binary Imposter Syndrome Community Discussion - Register Here

  • Are these the right clothes? Should my hair look a certain way? Am I am allowed to say I'm non-binary? What if I'm not enough? Can I still use gendered pronouns? If you've had some of these questions and more then come chat with us and other non-binary students about what it means to be non-binary in an affirming and relaxed group discussion.
  • Presenter: Lauryn McNair (she/they), Assistant Dean of LBGTQ+ and Women and Gender Services

9:00 pm        Stalking Awareness Event - Register Here

  • In recognition of Stalking Awareness Month, join us for a virtual screening of the Netflix series "I Am a Stalker" on Thursday, February 2nd at 9 pm. The event will include a screening of an episode followed by a discussion about stalking and how it is presented in the episode. All students are welcome to attend. Grubhub vouchers will be provided for those in attendance.
  • Presenters: Rose Poyau (she/her), Director Violence Prevention and Response (VPR), Assistant Director VPR, Elsa Dahan (she/her), Administrative Assistant VPR, Victoria Hernandez (she/her), VPR Graduate Student Fellow, Angela Camacho-DeSousa (she/her), Program Assistant for the Women's & Gender Studies Program and Grace Conte-Bennett (she/her): Assistant Director, Office of Wellbeing

Friday, February 3

12:00 pm      Indigenous Issues at MIT: Starting the Right Relationship - Register Here

  • In this session you will learn about understanding relationality within an Indigenous context, and will gain insight on shared goals and intersectional struggles amongst Native and other student groups
  • Presenters: Alvin Harvey, Ph.D. Candidate, Kaitlyn Gee, Ph.D candidate, and Nina Lytton, Interfaith Chaplain

2:00 pm        Microchat: Information Overload pt. 2 - Register Here

  • Still processing from workshops this week? Do you have more questions than answers after participating in this week’s conference? Join this microchat round table, facilitated by DEI Assistant Dean of Shass, Tracie Jones, to chat more about your experiences.
  • Presenter: Tracie Jones, Assistant Dean for diversity, equity and inclusion in SHASS

4:00 pm        Closing - Register Here

  • Join us as we welcome a special guest to close the week! You'll will wrap up as a group and even have a chance to win prizes!


Want more? Have follow up questions? Check out the DLC (Departments, Labs, and Centers) involved in this year's conference:

Intercultural Engagement (i.e.)

Women and Gender Services (WXGS)

LBGTQ+ Services

Student Organizations, Leadership and Engagement (SOLE)

Office of Student Wellbeing

Violence Prevention and Response (VPR)

Institute for Data, Systems, and Society (IDSS)

Office of Religious, Spiritual and Ethical Life (ORSEL)

i.e. Peer Education Program (PEP)

and more to come!