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International Students' Corner

Helpful Information for Graduate Students

HRS continues to remain as flexible as possible to accommodate graduate students’ housing needs. If circumstances associated with the COVID-19 pandemic alter students’ plans or prevent students from returning to campus through no fault of their own (i.e. travel or visa restrictions), HRS will work with students on a case-by-case basis. 

Fall 2021 Early Arrival Requests 

Campus residents who are unvaccinated/partially vaccinated. 

  • Unvaccinated international residents who are seeking an early arrival to campus to comply with the Institute’s vaccination requirement and arrival protocols will have access to an Early Arrival Form under the “Fall 2021” header within your MyHousing portal that will allow you to request an early arrival to campus.  You will receive a confirmation message once your early arrival has been processed and approved—please allow several business days for processing.  Please note that early arrivals can only be accommodated if the housing unit is available and ready of occupancy.  

Housing Assignments

Students with a housing assignment. 

  • For students who have on-campus housing assignments and confirmed delays to arrive on campus due to travel/visa issues, their assignments are on hold (no rent charges accrued) until they are able to arrive on campus.  
  • You may check your MyHousing account to confirm your housing assignment for the spring. If you have questions about your holding or terminating your housing assignment, please contact

Students without a housing assignment. 

  • Students without housing assignments who are interested in living on campus during Fall 2021 now may participate in the graduate housing self-selection waiting list.
  • A variety of MIT-owned housing options are available at a range of price points for students and for students with families. HRS will release housing inventory every week and students will have the ability to preview and select a housing assignment on a weekly basis and in real time. 
  • Self-selection of housing assignments through the waiting list process are on a weekly basis.  The waiting list process will continue through mid-October 2021.  

We're here for you.  

HRS will continue to work with the International Students Office to support international students’ housing needs.  Any further housing-related inquiries may be sent to with the subject line "Your First Name, Last Name - International Student Fall 2021".