Internal Transfers

Looking to change rooms in your current building?

Internal transfer applications will only be accepted from August 1 through March 31. Applications will not be accepted April 1 through July 31.

If you wish to change rooms in 70 Amherst St., Edgerton House, Sidney Pacific, The Warehouse, or Grad Site 4:

NOTE: Residents who transfer within these residence halls will be charged a $200 transfer fee to help offset the cost of turning over the apartment.

If you wish to change rooms in Ashdown House:

  • Ashdown House residents who would like to transfer rooms should sign up for the next Ashdown in-house room assignments lottery. Assignments are based on seniority points earned through the length of residency and service as an officer. Contact the Ashdown House Executive Committee for dates of the next lottery.

If you wish to change rooms in Tang Hall:

Single students with a change of family status:

  • Single students with a change of family status should contact for family housing options.

Other Options

If you do not want to wait for the next scheduled transfer period, your option is to terminate your current assignment and apply for the next self-selection period.

Before terminating your housing, consider the risks:

  • You may not be able to get another on-campus housing assignment.

  • If you do not get another assignment you will have to find off-campus housing.

  • You will be subject to all termination policies including rent responsibility and possibly an early termination fee.

  • You forfeit all seniority you may have accrued while living in your current assignment.

Want to switch buildings? Apply for the Building-to-Building Transfer Process that happens every November.

If you will have a spouse/partner joining you on campus, find out more about applying to family housing.