Why Life Learning?

The key to life learning is relevance. MIT community members can remain relevant to each other by sharing their experiences in ways that matter to the current generation of students.

Technology has changed the way students learn and work, how they interact, and how they think. News sources are full of articles about the ways in which employers must accommodate the work habits and values of millennials. Undoubtedly, more change will be required as technology advances along with future generations of students.

MIT has already changed. MIT OpenCourseWare has not only provided transformative access to lectures and course materials for millions of people worldwide, but it’s also an asset that MIT students use regularly. An increasing number of MIT courses are taught in a blended mode with Residential MITx components to support new ways of learning online. The Office of Digital Learning offers a series of informative talks that enable educators across campus to learn about research, strategies, and online learning tools.  

“Disruptive innovation” describes the quickly changing role that technology plays in higher education and beyond. Life Learning recognizes the need for change, and encourages its students to participate in the innovation rather than being disrupted by it.

As an MIT community effort, Life Learning can be a vehicle for sharing and learning from each others’ experiences. Students can contribute through Life Learning to help each other succeed. Staff, faculty, and alumni can contribute their perspectives and support for student life learning. We can create blended learning opportunities between on-campus and online offerings. We can see what’s useful and change what isn’t. Prospective students, parents, alumni, and others can use Life Learning to understand more about student life at MIT as it is today—and to help shape student life tomorrow.