Resources and Student Organizations

Check out the right menu for lists of resources and student organizations. For a full list of ways to get involved on campus, check out the ASA database. If you're interested in developing your leadership skills, the Division of Student Life and MIT offer a number of opportunities. You can also talk to someone in Student Organizations, Leadership and Engagement in W20-549 to find out more.

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Some Resource Highlights

Violence Prevention and Response (VPR)

The Program for Violence Prevention and Response (VPR) is here to help anyone dealing with issues around sexual assault, intimate partner violence, and stalking at MIT. VPR:

  • Helps ensure that survivors receive consistent, appropriate care
  • Provides survivors with information, case management, and advocacy
  • Recognizes the uniqueness of each survivor's experience
  • Empowers each individual to take action to prevent violence in their community

Women’s and Gender Studies

Through interdisciplinary teaching, research, and programming, WGS provides analytical frameworks for the examination of gender, race, ethnicity, class, and sexuality. Our mission is to educate MIT students about the importance of gender equity, and to promote critical thinking about the role of gender across disciplines and in all areas of life. WGS supports women and gender non-conforming students and upholds the Institute’s efforts to foster community, equity, and inclusion.

Social Justice Programming & Cross-Cultural Engagement (SPXCE)

With a student-centered approach, the Social Justice Programming & Cross Cultural Engagement Intercultural Center (SPXCE, pronounced "space") works to foster a more inclusive, equitable, and affirming MIT campus climate. As a collaborative initiative between the Office of Multicultural Programs and LBGTQ+ Services, the SPXCE provides intersectional social justice education, support, community-building, and leadership development.

Women in Innovation and STEM Database at MIT (WISDM)

WISDM is in an initiative aimed at promoting the visibility of women within the MIT community. The goal of WISDM is to provide a curated searchable online database of MIT women in STEM, making it easier to find talented and diverse speakers for conference talks, panels, news stories, outreach events, podcasts, YouTube videos, and beyond.