Events & Programs

MIT has many opportunities for women-identified students to engage with the larger community, build skills and knowledge, and network with other students, staff, and faculty.  These opportunities come from all areas of campus—student groups, administrative offices, academic departments, dorms, and lab groups. Margaret Cheney Room events are designed to foster community and connect users to resources for health, wellness, leadership, networking, and education. 

Margaret Cheney Room Lunch and Workshop Series

Women@MIT works in conjunction with the Office of the Dean for Graduate Education, the Student Organizations, Leadership and Engagement, and Community Wellness to hold a monthly lunch and workshop series specific to graduate and undergraduate women-identified students at MIT. Workshops seek to connect students, increase access to resources and support, and promote community development. They are held in the Cheney Room (3-310).


In person events are cancelled for the foreseeable future due to the COVID-19 crisis. Please visit the Virtual Margaret Cheney Room page for resources and events. 

Women Take the Reel

Women Take the Reel is brought to campus by MIT Program in Women's and Gender Studies and Graduate Consortium in Women's Studies in an effort to celebrate Women's History Month. For more information about the festival and the films being shown check out the Women's and Gender Studies website.

events and programming