Spring in SPXCE Mixers

Part 1: Spring in SPXCE: Multicultural & Identity Mega Mixer 
Tuesday, April 13 at 6:00 PM EST.

Part 1 mixer                     

Spring in SPXCE: Multicultural & Identity Groups Mixer set for Tuesday, April 13 at 6:00 PM ET.

The Undergraduate Association (UA) and the Social Justice Programming & Cross-Cultural Engagement Intercultural Center also known as SPXCE are collaborating to bring Part 1 of the Spring in SPXCE two-part series. Part 1 of this social event will focus on connecting new and current students to student organizations, clubs, and affinity groups who have registered to participate. All current students are invited to participate! 

Part 2: Spring in SPXCE: Collab Collective Mixer 
Tuesday, April 29 at 8:00 PM EST.

   Part 2 Mixer                                    

Spring in SPXCE: Collab Collective Mixer set for Thursday, April 29 at 8:00 PM ET

The OMP and MIXED welcome you to Part 2 of Spring in SPXCE! This second event is focused on collaboration among groups at MIT. By registering and participating in this event, you will network with other students and student leaders of different cultural and identity groups and discuss strategies for thriving as a student organization during Covid times and beyond. You will also qualify yourself and your organization for the chance to win prizes! Come to learn more about other organizations on campus and collaborate with other student leaders!