Off-Campus Storage Options

Need to arrange off-campus storage? Find resources below.

For residents living in buildings without student storage, or for residents with extra belongings, DormCon has developed a list of off-campus storage vendors* recommended by other students. Students may arrange storage with any vendor they choose. 

Off-site Storage Options

Please note that students are expected to transport belongings to the storage locations listed above. 

Full-Service Storage Option

Contracted movers will pick up belongings from students' rooms and store items.  Movers will also deliver stored belongings to students' future housing assignments.  

Self-Fill Containers

  • PODS 
    • Tel. (877) 770-7637
  • U-Haul 
    • Tel. (617) 354-0500

These storage options provide delivered storage containers that students may fill with their personal belongings.  Students will schedule delivery and pick-up times for the storage containers.

*MIT Housing does not recommend or contract with a specific storage vendor.

REMINDER! Students are responsible for arranging storage and insurance, and moving their belongings before they check out of their spring housing assignment. Any item left in a room after check out will be discarded and the student may be subject to a cleaning fee.​

Delivery of items in storage to the student’s fall housing assignment/residence hall will not be permitted before the student has returned to campus and checked into their fall assignment.