Summer Storage

All you need to know about summer storage for undergraduate students

Storage in Residence Halls

In-house summer storage is extremely limited and only available in select residence halls:

  Baker House Burton Conner East Campus Maseeh Hall MacGregor House McCormick Hall New House New Vassar Next House Random Hall Simmons Hall
in-house storage no no yes no no no no no no yes yes



Residence halls that currently have storage areas designated by Housing & Residential Services will store student belongings in accordance with existing house policy*. All student utilizing in-house storage must provide proof of insurance to before their belongings can be stored.

Boxes (18" x 18" x 16") will be provided by Housing & Residential Services for in-house storage. Students are also permitted to use their own plastic containers that meet the same measurement requirements as the boxes provided.

*Policies for in-house storage were developed by the house government. Please see your house operations manager or house storage captain for policies regarding storage in your residence hall.

Find Off-Campus Storage Options

Proof of Insurance

Residents storing belongings in-house must provide proof of insurance to the Housing & Residential Services before their belongings can be stored.

  • Check with your parent/guardian to determine if their current renter/homeowner insurance policy will cover items stored on campus.
  • If you would like to purchase renters' insurance, MIT's Office of Insurance has recommended College Student Insurance (now Arthur J. Gallagher & Co.). For an annual fee, the policy covers:
    • $3,000 coverage limit $50 deductible
    • worldwide coverage, including student belongings in their dorm, while studying abroad, or other items in storage

Please visit their website for more information


Reminder! Students are responsible for arranging storage and insurance, and moving their belongings before they check out of their spring housing assignment. Any item left in a room after check out will be discarded and the student may be subject to a cleaning fee no less than $200.