Burton Conner Renewal Project

Beginning in June 2020, Burton Conner will be taken offline for renewal.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Burton Conner Renewal Project FAQ This document seeks to address frequently asked questions about the Burton Conner Renewal Project.  The information within the FAQ page is updated frequently with additional information.  

Housing Process Timeline 2020-2021

  • Applications for the undergraduate building switch lottery will be open between March 9 and March 23.
  • Students will receive their building switch results on April 6, and Rooming Assignment Chairs (RACs) will begin room assignments according to their internal house processes.

Burton Conner Priority & Grouping

  • Burton Conner residents will have priority in the lottery based on their preferences and space availability.
  • Burton Conner residents may request to move in groups of up to eight people.
  • Two groups of eight people may indicate connection, and housing assignments staff will prioritize moving that larger group of up to 16 people to the same residence based on space availability. (RACs will determine room assignments according to their internal house processes.)

New Vassar

  • Students who receive a building switch assignment to New Vassar (NV) residence hall will be able to self-select their rooms from April 13 – April 16.
  • NV residents will need to indicate roommate requests via the ‘myHousing’ portal prior to self-selection.
    • Interested in learning more about NV?  RSVP to tour the new building on Thursday, February 27 from 3-5pm.   

March Community Meeting

  • A BC Community Meeting is planned for Wednesday, March 4, at 5:00pm in the Porter Room [NOTE TIME CHANGE], and we hope to see you there!

Engagement Opportunities

  • Interested in getting involved in the upcoming transition process?  Consider joining one of two resident-led committees that will help document existing murals, and coordinate the storage of important BC community items. Information about how to get involved with these committees will be shared in the coming weeks.  

About the Project

Built in 1928, and serving as a residence hall at MIT since 1948, Burton Conner is currently scheduled to be taken offline for renewal after Commencement 2020 and is targeted to reopen in August 2022. At this time, the renewal is primarily for an extensive infrastructure and building systems update, which will include modest updates to finishes and spaces.

DSL and their partners in the Department of Facilities and Office of Campus Planning are currently gathering data and surveying the building to better understand the full scope of renewal work needed.

Burton Conner Transition Team

Roles & Responsibilities

The Transition Team will serve as a conduit for the BC community to register hopes, concerns, and questions about the renewal process. They will also:

  • surface renewal-related issues
  • develop strategies to address the issues raised
  • work through the logistics of relocation
  • provide input to the project plans as needed
  • ensure effective communication with the BC community

Transition Team Members


  • Alice Zhang, BC President
  • Lisa Yoo, BC Vice President
  • Sarah Aaronson
  • Yu Jing Chen
  • Liliana Vela
  • Ankita Devasia
  • Cameron Kleiman
  • Emily Scherer

House Team

  • Janelle Knox-Hayes, Head of House
  • Jarrod Hayes, Head of House
  • Kat Howell, Area Director

Division of Student Life

  • David Friedrich, Sr. Associate Dean for Housing & Residential Services
  • Judy Robinson, Sr. Associate Dean for Residential Education
  • Don Camelio, Associate Dean for Undergraduate Residential Life
  • Rich Hilton, Director of House Operations
  • Mary K. Liñan, Manager of Special Initiatives

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Email us at burtonconner-renewal@mit.edu

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