Study Abroad

All students living in a residence hall who participate in an MIT-sponsored study abroad program are guaranteed housing when they return to campus.

Students should follow the steps below to secure on-campus housing for their return:

Prior to Your Departure

  1. Upon acceptance into a study abroad program, you should complete a Housing Cancellation Form. Indicate in the drop-down menu that you are participating in a study abroad program.

As You Prepare to Return

  1. Request housing for your return to MIT by submitting a Housing Waitlist Application . On this form,  please select the study abroad option and provide your building preferences. Housing & Residential Services will make every effort to try to place you in your preferred residence hall, as long as space is available. 
  2. You will receive your return housing assignment via email in mid-to-late December for the spring term, or mid-to-late April for the fall term.

Moving from FSILGs to on-campus housing

If you live off-campus or in an FSILG before your study abroad program, you are not guaranteed placement in an on-campus residence hall when you return. If you are interested in returning to on-campus housing, you must submit the Housing Waitlist Application and you will be placed on a waiting list. The success of your request will depend on how early you apply and the availability of housing.

Room Assignments

  • Returning for the spring semester:

Your building's Room Assignment Chairs will work with you via email to assign you a room based on your preferences and what is available.

  • Returning for the fall semester:

In the spring, each residence hall holds an in-house lottery to distribute assignments. Students who are studying abroad are included in this lottery. Please contact your building's Room Assignment Chair to describe your preferences for your fall assignment.