Change your assignment

If your housing assignment is not what you hoped for, you may request a change to a different room or residence hall.

From room to room

Waiting list 

Spring and Fall Switch Lotteries

Moving from room to room within a residence

If you wish to move to another room in the same building or living group you should contact the Room Assignment Chair in your residence hall. Responsibility for making room assignments and changes in room assignments within an MIT undergraduate residence hall is usually delegated to the student government of that residence in consultation with the house manager and the Head of House. No assignment is final until approved by Housing & Residential Services.

Waiting list

Housing & Residential Services maintains a waiting list for all on-campus living communities.  

  • The waiting list is open from June 1 until March 1.  Students may join the waiting list anytime between those dates.   

  • At any time, students can email to opt out of the waiting list if they would no longer like to change their assignment.

  • All students remaining on the waiting list after March 1, will be required to opt in for the next year's waiting list.  Opt-in notices will go out via email in late May, and students will have until July 1 to opt-in.  Those who do will keep their original date of application.  Students who do not opt-in by July 1 will need to reapply if they still would like to move.

  • Please note that, when necessary, some buildings utilize overflow spaces.  In those cases, priority is first given to decrowd these spaces, before any waiting list offers are made.

  • You may email at anytime to find out your current place on the waiting list. 

Waiting List Offers

  • Once an offer has been received, you may accept it, decline it and remove yourself from the waiting list, or defer to stay on the waiting list until the following semester.

    • Please note that accepting an offer satisfies your existing waiting list request and removes you from all building waiting lists.  

  • Students are allowed to defer once per request form. 

    • For example, a student who signs up to the waiting list on August 1, gets an offer to move on October 15.  They decide that it's not a good time to move, and opt to defer their record to the spring term.  This means that they keep their original August 1 date of application for a move in the spring. When the student gets an offer in the spring term, at that point, they are only eligible to accept or decline.  They will not be able to defer again.  

Spring & Fall Switch Lotteries

  • Housing & Residential Services offers two lotteries per academic year for students who are currently living on campus and want to switch residences. The lottery held in December makes switches for the spring semester and the lottery held in April makes switches for the fall semester. Learn more.