Right of Entry

MIT recognizes that entry into your private living space is a serious matter, and we endeavor to respect your privacy to the greatest extent possible. Because on-campus residence halls are MIT property however, authorized MIT personnel have the legal right to enter MIT student housing under certain circumstances.

Although MIT will usually give reasonable advance notice prior to entry, Housing & Residential Services, Area Director, House Operations Manager, Heads of House, and their agents and contractors, as well the MIT Police, shall have the right to enter MIT student housing at any time when it is determined there might be risk to life, safety, health, or property, or as necessary to ensure compliance with applicable federal, state, and local laws, and all applicable MIT policies and Residential Housing and Dining policies. Entry without advance notice is also allowed for maintenance services requested by a resident of the room, as outlined in the maintenance request form.

Housing & Residential Services, Area Director, House Operations Manager or Heads of House reserve the right, with advance notice to Licensee whenever reasonably possible, to inspect the condition of an MIT student housing unit generally and for fire and health hazards; to make repairs, installations, additions, or alterations to the MIT student housing unit or to the building; to remove placards, signs, fixtures, alterations or additions to the premises; and to respond to any other conditions which are in violation of the standards outlined in the Housing Agreement.