Minors in Residence at MIT (non-MIT students)

MIT has established the following policies in the interest of protecting the safety and well-being of minors living in residence as authorized occupants of MIT-licensed residents:

  1. Minors may not be left unattended in common areas of buildings or surrounding MIT property, including without limitation, laundry rooms, fitness areas, maker spaces, playgrounds, and parking areas.
  2. No minor child (i.e., under age 18) of a MIT student resident may be left in MIT housing overnight without adult supervision.
  3. Children residing in MIT housing under age 9 must be supervised at all times while on MIT property, including within the licensed resident's personal residence. MIT recognizes that parents may, at their discretion, allow for their children who are age 9 or older to be unattended inside their apartment (i.e., not in MIT common spaces such as playgrounds, common rooms, etc.) until their parents return home. Parents are responsible for safety training for themselves and their children regarding fire safety, evacuation, and medical issues. NOTE: Minors participating in summer residential programs at MIT are expected to be supervised at all times while on campus regardless of age.
  4. MIT-licensed residents are responsible for the conduct of their children/dependents and other authorized occupants or guests.
  5. Fitness areas and fitness equipment, maker spaces, wood shops: Minors under age 13 are not authorized to use any fitness equipment (including, without limitation, weight machines, treadmills, elliptical machines, etc.) installed in MIT housing. Minors age 13 and older are only permitted to use fitness equipment installed in MIT housing with adult supervision at all times. Minors are not permitted to use any maker space or wood shop located in MIT housing unless participating in MIT-sponsored programs or otherwise authorized in writing by Housing & Residential Services.

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