Lofts are prohibited in all MIT residence halls except Random Hall. If a student wishes to construct a loft, he/she must submit construction plans to the House Manager for review and approval of structural adequacy.

All lofts must comply with the following requirements:

  • Loft may not be attached to building components or be enclosed with drapes, curtains, or doors to ensure residents are visible in the event of a building fire search.
  • The structure of a loft must have smooth surfaces with no protruding nails, bolts, or angled forms.
  • No electrical wiring or lighting fixtures may be attached to a loft structure, as required by electrical code.
  • Lofts cannot shield or block sprinklers.
  • “Coffins” are prohibited.

Completed lofts are subject to final inspection and approval by the House Manager. House Managers may consult with the Environmental Health and Safety Office to confirm regulations covering location, height, and size.