Health, Safety & Sanitation

Residents are expected to maintain living areas, including kitchens and bathrooms, in a safe and sanitary condition, which does not attract pests, create mold or mildew, and/or would cause a reasonable person to experience discomfort. Trash must be placed at all times in appropriate containers. Students are required to dispose of their trash according to the particular guidelines established for each residential building.

If these standards are not maintained, Housing & Residential Services staff may have the area cleaned as needed to maintain safe and sanitary conditions. For necessary cleaning of individual rooms or suites, the cost of cleaning will be divided equally and billed to the resident(s) of that room or suite.  For common areas, the cost will be divided equally and billed to the residents of that floor, wing, or building. If unsanitary conditions continue, Housing & Residential Services staff may close the affected area.

In accordance with the City of Cambridge Health Code, cooking appliances are prohibited in any room, suite, or apartment, except in those areas specifically designated as kitchens.  Residents are permitted to have a refrigerator in their room.  City of Cambridge inspectors are authorized to close a residence if flagrant and/or continual violations occur.