Please note COVID-19 policies (graduate / undergraduate) which are in effect in all on-campus residence halls. 

A guest is someone (MIT or non-MIT affiliated) who does not live in the residence hall they are visiting. Residents are permitted to have guests in their residence, including the common areas of the residence hall, under the following conditions:

All Guests

  • Guests are required to present a valid MIT, school or government-issued photo ID at the front desk of any MIT residence hall.
  • Residents are prohibited from giving guests their room/apartment keys or MIT ID card at any time.
  • Residents and guests in undergraduate residence halls are required to follow the guest policies and procedures for the specific residence hall they wish to visit. Individual guest policies and procedures for each undergraduate community can be found in the Policies and Procedures section of this website, listed by house name.
  • Residents are responsible for the conduct of their guests at all times.

Overnight Guests

  • Residents may not have overnight guests for more than three nights in a seven-day period. Some residence halls may have an overnight guest policy that may be more restrictive. It is the resident's obligation to check with the House Team (Heads of House, House Operations Manager or Area Director) to determine if specific policies exist, and to abide by all applicable policies.
  • Residents must obtain, in advance, the permission of all students of the room/suite in which the overnight guest is visiting or staying. Consideration should be given to the reasonable expectations of a roommate(s) at all times.
  • Sleeping overnight in the public common areas of a residence hall (e.g., lounges) is prohibited.
  • Non-MIT overnight guests are NOT allowed during the fall semester until after Registration Day.  



Graduate Family Extended Guest Protocol (Westgate Apartments and Graduate Tower at Site 4)

An extended guest may/may not be a family member who is not a dependent of the resident and who wishes to stay in the residence for longer than three consecutive days in a seven-day period (current overnight guest policy). Extended guests cannot change their status to dependent residents. For the purposes of MIT housing, dependent residents are the minor-age children of the student resident.

Extended-stay guests may stay in residence up to 14 days, with approval from the Associate Dean for Graduate Residential Life. A graduate family may request to have up to two (2) extended guests visit at the same time and may make one (1) extended-guest request during a calendar year.

Guests must sleep in the host’s apartment. Guests are prohibited from sleeping in common spaces or other public spaces on campus.

Extended-stay guests will not be provided keys or temporary IDs to access the residence hall and are expected to stay with their host.

Extended guests must be registered and approved by the Associate Dean for Graduate Residential Life. You may/should complete this form. (up to two guests with the same arrival and departure date).

Always ensure your guest/s abide by all policies during their stay.

While we recognize that certain familial relationships or cultural norms may extend beyond that of a dependent, non-dependents may not remain in MIT family housing beyond the maximum permissible stay of 14 days because it will jeopardize the tax-exempt status of MIT student housing, drain resources, facilities and services that are not intended for use by non-MIT students, create additional liability (and potentially uninsurable) risks, and is not sustainable from a parity perspective.  Any violation or abuse (including, without limitation, stay beyond the time authorized by MIT Housing) of this extended stay policy, may result in any or all of the following consequences:

  • Suspension of extended-stay guest privileges for the remainder of your license term
  • Immediate termination of your license
  • Ineligibility to apply for MIT campus housing in the future
  • Charges for unauthorized guests beyond the time permitted by MIT, equivalent to double the daily rate of your license fee until the unauthorized guest leaves or is escorted off premises.

We expect and appreciate your compliance with MIT’s guest policy.