Disciplinary Procedures and Conflict Management

Conflicts and policy violations occur within MIT residence halls. Depending on the issue, there is a spectrum of resolution options available to residents involved--the person or people who caused harm and/or violated a policy and those affected by their actions. The spectrum spans from informal to formal in terms of involvement of others and action taken to resolve the issue. These resources include:

  • Office of Student Conduct: assists students to become active and reflective members of the MIT community and the world.
  • REFS: low-barrier, informal conflict management resources provided by graduate students for graduate students. REFS are available to their fellows to support, informally mentor, and mediate during times of uncertainty, stress or conflict.
  • Committee on Discipline: created to resolve complaints of alleged violations of policies and/or community standards by a student, former student, or student organization in a way that is objective and educational, not legalistic or adversarial.