Assignments (UG)

Assignments or reassignments to a residence hall, changes from one residence hall to another, or changes from an Institute residence hall to an off-campus address, are made and approved by Housing & Residential Services.

Room assignments and room changes within an MIT undergraduate residence hall are the responsibility of the student government of that residence in consultation with the head of house and house operations manager. No assignment is final until approved by Housing & Residential Services.

Housing & Residential Services reserves the right to move students at its discretion in order to consolidate or fill vacancies [especially if crowding exists], to meet the demands upon facilities, to reconcile personal problems, to resolve conflicts and discipline issues, or for similar reasons. Housing & Residential Services also reserves the right to make specific assignments in cases that it deems special or extraordinary, such as those involving medical or personal problems, etc. In such cases, guaranteeing the students’ right of privacy and confidentiality may require direct assignments overriding house lotteries.