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WHOI Housing

WHOI Housing

The MIT/WHOI Joint Program maintains a four bedroom, four person apartment on the MIT campus in the Sidney-Pacific graduate residence hall.

  • The apartment can be reserved by any MIT/WHOI Joint Program student who is currently registered.
  • No guests are allowed.
  • Students have access to all of the facilities at Sidney-Pacific (NW86), and are entitled to the same rights and privileges as building residents.
  • The apartment can be used for short stays of 1-2 nights only. If the apartment is needed for longer stays, students should contact the MIT/WHOI Joint Program office.

To use the apartment, students must complete a license agreement (one time only) in which the responsiblities of the user(s) and the rules of the building are defined. The user must agree to abide by these rules and responsibilities. Additionally, a notification form must be completed before each visit.

For more information, and to complete the required forms, please visit the MIT/WHOI Joint Program website.