License Agreements

If you have been successful in the housing allocation, you will receive an assignment by email which will include a link to confirm and sign your license agreement.

What's in the agreement?

The license agreement includes your name, room type and building that you have been assigned to, and the end-date of your assignment. It also outlines the rules and procedures you must follow as a resident of on-campus housing.

Your license agreement commits you to financial responsibility for the length of your assignment. Billing begins on the move-in date listed on your confirmation notice.

What's the end date of my license agreement?

  Allocation assigned from Agreement Length End Date
new student single housing fall  1 year August 15
new student family housing fall 2 years August 15
new student with a partner living in Sidney-Pacific, Edgerton House, or 70 Amherst Street fall 1 year August 15
continuing student (all) fall -- August 15
new and continuing (all) spring* 1.5 years August 15

*If you are assigned housing in the Warehouse during the spring allocation, your agreement length is 6 months (ending August 15).

How do I sign and confirm my license agreement?

  • Failure to confirm and sign your agreement shortly after receiving your assignment will result in a $250 cancellation fee and you assignment will be given to another student.
  • Save the auto-reply confirmation email once you confirm your assignment. This email contains the text of the agreement for your reference.
  • You should also save the auto-reply message from the Housing Office confirming that you completed the license agreement.