Paying for your on-campus housing

The basics

  • You will be billed beginning on the date of occupancy stated in your confirmation email. Billing will begin on this date even if you move in a few days later.
  • You do NOT owe a security deposit or first or last month's rent in advance, as you would for off-campus rental housing.
  • Your monthly housing fee (rent) includes all utilities.

How you pay

  • When you arrive, you will need to set up a student account with Student Financial Services. Your housing will be billed to this account.
  • Bills are emailed to you and you can pay them at the Student Accounts Office.
  • If you are drawing a regular income from MIT, you can have your rent automatically withdrawn from your paycheck. Fill out a payroll deduction notice with Housing & Residential Services.

Changing your WEBSIS address

  • Your address in WEBSIS is created by the billing system. As long as your housing license is active, the initial address cannot be changed. You will be able to update your WEBSIS address only when your rent responsibility ends.
  • If you move out, we will continue to bill you until your rent responsibility ends.
  • If you move out before your rent responsibility ends, you can enter your new address in the "Temporary Address" field.