Extensions and End Dates

Need to stay in your residence beyond the date specified in your license? Extensions are sometimes permitted.

If you are graduating:
  • on September 15, you must be out on August 15 if your registration status ends on that date.
  • at the end of the fall semester, you may stay until January 31.
  • at the end of the spring semester, you may stay until your license ends on August 15.
If your registration ends on January 31, you may not stay in your apartment for the spring term, even if you graduate in February.

Graduating students who wish to attend Commencement may stay until the Saturday of the week following the ceremony if they terminate at least 30 days before the end of the previous month (by April 30 for June graduation).

Graduating students will not be charged an early termination fee if they terminate for the day after Commencement or one week after Commencement.