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Moving Out

Everything you need to know about moving out.

As a resident of MIT Graduate Housing, you are responsible for the entire term of your license agreement.  Residents who terminate their on-campus housing prior to the expiration of their license agreement are subject to the early termination policy outlined below and are required to provide notice by submitting a Termination Form within their Housing Portal

Please Note: If you are interested in cancelling your housing assignment prior to your occupancy date, please refer to the Housing Cancellation Policy for guidance. The Early Termination Policy detailed below applies to any cancellations submitted after the scheduled occupancy date.  

Approved Reasons for Early Termination*

  • Graduation from MIT
  • Withdrawal from MIT
  • Medical Leave
  • Change in Family Status (proof required)
  • Academic-Required Off-site Internship (academic department letter required)
  • Registering as a Non-resident (approval from the Office of Graduate Education required)

Residents are required to provide documentation and must give a minimum of thirty days notice by completing the online Termination Form within the Housing Portal.  Rent-responsibility (including house-tax) will cease at the end of the month in which the termination date falls.

Example: If Housing & Residential Services receives a resident’s Termination Form and all required documentation on November 15, the resident is responsible for their rent and house tax until December 31. 

*NOTE: Terminating for any reason (approved or unapproved) during the first two months of a semester (September, October and February, March) incurs a termination fee equal to one month's current rent.

Unapproved Terminations 

Examples include, but are not limited to:

  • Moving off campus for an unapproved reason
  • Leaving campus for an internship that is not required by your academic department

Residents who terminate their Housing License Agreement early without an approved reason will remain responsible for all rent and house tax until the housing unit is occupied by a new resident, or until the License Agreement expires, whichever occurs first. 

Entering a Termination Date

When completing your Termination Form within the Housing Portal, you will be asked to enter a termination date.  If you are uncertain of your specific date, please enter the latest possible date. If the date changes, you may email graduatehousing@mit.edu with an earlier date at least 30 days before your final move-out date.

Sample Graduate Housing Termination Dates

Termination Date
(Last Day in Housing)

Must Submit Termination
Form & Documents By

April 30

March 31

May 31

May 1

June 30

May 31

July 31

July 1

Example: When you submit the Termination Form in March, you enter a termination date of July 31. In early April you confirm you're graduating (June Degree list) and you get a job that starts June 1. On April 8, you email graduatehousing@mit.edu with a move-out date of May 31. Under this scenario, you would not be charged rent past May 31 because you have an acceptable reason for leaving (graduated) and have provided 30 days' notice.

Completion of a Degree Program

Residents of MIT Graduate Housing are expected to move out upon completion of their degree program.  Any resident who completes a degree program more than 90 days before January 31 or June 30 is expected to move out at the end of the month in which they complete their degree. For students on the February degree list, the approved termination date is January 31 and for the September degree list, the approved termination date is August 31. In the instance your department moves your degree completion requirements into September, you must provide a letter from your department confirming your completion date and HRS will work with students to adjust termination dates and fees. Please note, last-minute changes to degree candidacy may result in a new housing assignment if an extension is required. 

Leaves of Absence

Graduate students taking a leave of absence are not eligible to reside in graduate housing. Please contact Housing & Residential Services as soon as you are aware of your approved leave and provide a letter or email from the Office of Graduate Education or your department to verify that you are taking a leave. We work on a case-by-case basis with each student taking a leave in order to determine the appropriate date when the student’s license will end and the student will depart housing for the leave.  The departure date will ordinarily be no later than 30 days from the date when the leave was approved. Residents taking a leave of absence are not charged any termination fees.  

Remaining Flexible to Meet Students’ Housing Needs

Housing & Residential Services (HRS) continues to remain as flexible as possible to accommodate graduate students’ housing needs. If circumstances alter students’ plans or prevent students from arriving to campus through no fault of their own (i.e. travel ban or visa restrictions), HRS will work with the International Students Office (ISO) and students on a case-by-case basis regarding their on-campus housing assignment.

Damage Policy Reminder 

Any damage to the student’s room may be billed under the Institute’s damage policy.