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Moving Out

Everything you need to know about moving out

As a resident of MIT Graduate Housing, you are responsible for the entire term of your license agreement.  Residents who terminate their on-campus housing prior to the expiration of their license agreement are subject to the early termination policy outlined below and are required to provide notice by submitting a Termination Form within their MyHousing portal

Interim Early Termination Policy Due to COVID-19

Advance Notification Requirement:

Under the current interim termination policy, residents are required to provide a minimum of 30 days' advance notice to terminate their housing license agreement.  Please note that approved termination dates occur at the end of every month.

Abbreviated 7-Day Notice Requirement to Terminate Your Assignment:  Interested in terminating your current housing license agreement between June 1 and July 31, 2021?  If so, we ask for 7-days' advance notice and there will be no early termination penalty.  You can also terminate a 2021-2022 housing assignment with 7-days’ advance notice between June 1 and August 31.

Applicable Termination Fees:

The traditional early termination fee is equal to one month’s rent and applies to terminations during February or March.  Under the current interim termination policy, residents may terminate their housing license agreements during February or March without incurring a termination fee.  However, residents will still be responsible for any outstanding rent responsibility until the date of the early termination.  Please remember that a minimum of 30 days’ advance notice is required.

Leaves of Absence

Graduate students taking a leave of absence are not eligible to reside in graduate housing. Please contact Housing & Residential Services as soon as you are aware of your approved leave and provide a letter or email from your doctor, the Office of Graduate Education, or your department to verify that you are taking a leave. We work on a case-by-case basis with each student taking a leave in order to determine the appropriate date when the student’s license will end and the student will depart housing for the leave.  The departure date will ordinarily be no later than 30 days from the date when the leave was approved. Residents taking a leave of absence are not charged any termination fees.  Any damage to the student’s room may be billed under the damage policy.

Changes to the Interim Early Termination Policy

This interim early termination policy was developed to provide increased flexibility to graduate residents during the COVID-19 pandemic. Housing & Residential Services (HRS) continues to monitor circumstances surrounding the pandemic and will adapt the early termination policy as necessary.  Any changes to the current policy will be updated on this webpage.