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Moving Out

Everything you need to know about moving out

All residents must complete a termination form once they plan to leave graduate housing. Residents are required to give at least 30 days notice.

IMPORTANT: Termination dates will always be the last day of the month, regardless of move-out date, except for the month of June. During the month of June, graduating students may also terminate for June 15.

As a resident of graduate housing, you are responsible for the entire term of your license once you accept your housing assignment. MIT allows residents to terminate their housing early with no penalty if you meet one of the following qualifications:

Approved Reasons for Early Termination
Personal or Medical Leave
Change in Family Status
Department-Required Internship Off Site
Approved for Non-Resident Status


If you terminate for any other reason than those listed above, your student account will be charged a termination fee and you will be responsible for rent until the space is filled. Unapproved reasons include:

  • moving off campus for an unapproved reason
  • leaving campus for an activity not required by your department

*The termination fee is not rent and cannot be applied against rent owed. It will be charged in addition to rent owed.

Terminating for any reason (approved or unapproved) during the first two months of a semester (September, October and February, March) incurs a termination fee equal to one month's house fees.


Congratulations! Please review the information below to avoid any termination fees.

  • Complete your termination form.
  • If you aren't sure when you will leave, enter the last day of your contract (August 15). You can email graduatehousing@mit.edu to change your termination date once you know it. Remember to give 30 days notice!
  • Graduating students who wish to attend commencement may stay until Saturday of the week following the ceremony if they terminate at least 30 days before the end of the previous month (by April 30 for June graduation). Rent will be prorated by the day.