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Moving in

Welcome to MIT! We look forward to your arrival on campus.

Once you have completed your license agreement, you will receive an email confirmation with your room number, move-in date, roommate information, and check-in instructions.

Please note that you are responsible for rent from the date listed on the license agreement for the apartment you self-selected, whether you move in on that date or not.

Moving in earlier

  • The allocation process will try to match you with an apartment available closest to the desired move-in date you provide. If you have a specific timeline for moving to campus, you should make sure to indicate those dates on the application. You can also sublicense another apartment during the summer or IAP breaks while you wait for your apartment to be ready for move in.
  • Please do NOT contact the current resident of your room to ask when they are moving out. All questions about occupancy should be directed to Housing & Residential Services.
*For the fall semester, about 70% of apartments will be available in late August. This is due to most vacancies occurring on or near August 15, when current license agreements end. It typically takes 3-5 days to clean and turnover an apartment.


If you move in to an on-campus residence during the summer months, your bedroom will be clean, but the common areas will be in the condition left by the previous tenants. Common areas will be cleaned by a maintenance team after August 15. 

In family housing, units will be cleaned before your move-in date.

Interim Housing

If you need to arrive on campus before your assigned move-in date, you can may be able to sublicense a room or apartment over the summer months or IAP.

For temporary accommodations during the rest of the year, please visit the off-campus housing website.


Do not send packages to your new assignment ahead of your move-in date. Storage is limited and the mailroom cannot take responsibility for any packages that arrive before you do.