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Welcome to MIT! We look forward to your arrival on campus.

General Items

All Graduate Residences are non-smoking buildings.

Once you have signed and submitted your license agreement, you will receive an auto-response email with building and monthly rent. You will receive a follow-up email within in 5-7 business days containing your building, apartment number, move-in date, and roommate information if applicable.

Please note that you are responsible for rent from the date listed on the confirmation email for the apartment, whether you move in on that date or not.

Residents may check-in at the front desk of their building on their scheduled move-in date, regardless if it’s a weekday, weekend or overnight. Residents should not arrive earlier than their scheduled move-in date, as the room will not be ready. For specific front desk hours and after-hours check-in instructions residents should look at their building specific information above.

For arrivals when the front desk is closed (generally from 12:00 am to 8:00 am ET. Please check building specific times from the links above) or unattended upon arrival:

  • Please call Evening Operations and ask for “Unit-12” by dialing (617) 253-1500 from a non-MIT phone or extension 3-1500 if dialing from a campus phone.
  • Explain that you are moving into your housing assignment and provide your building and room information.
    • Responding staff will assist you with accessing the building and provide provisional access to your housing assignment.
  • Please have an ID (MIT ID preferred) available and your confirmation notice available (either printed or on your mobile device).
  • Please visit the front desk of your residence during regular hours following your arrival to complete any remaining check-in processes (if applicable).

Please contact Graduate Housing if your arrival will be much later than the originally scheduled occupancy date. Email or call 617-253-5148.

Single Housing 


Efficiencies and One Bedroom Apartments

  • Apartments will be cleaned before your move-in date.

Two, Three & Four Bedroom - Shared Apartments/Suites

  • Bedrooms will be cleaned before your move-in date.

  • If you move into an on-campus residence, your bedroom will be cleaned.

  • Common area (bathroom & living room) cleaning is the responsibility of the current residents.

Family Housing

  • Apartments will be cleaned before your move-in date.

Childcare and Information About Area Schools

A good resource is the MIT Work-Life Center. The office can be reached by telephone at (617) 253-1592 or by visiting building E19-611.

Office of Graduate Education

The Office of Graduate Education (OGE) provides a number of services to current and prospective graduate students as well as departments, including student support and development; diversity- and community-building; advice on fellowships and financial wellbeing; oversight of policies and procedures; and support for graduate admissions and the Graduate Student Council.

Spouses and Partners at MIT

A support network for spouses, partners and significant others is available to campus residents and other members of the MIT community, including students, staff, and faculty. Learn more at MIT Spouses & Partners Connect.

WorkLife Resources | 24/7

Services are available at no charge to MIT faculty, staff, postdocs and graduate students. Call (877) 847-4523, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to reach a consultant who can answer questions about childcare, schools, elder care, financial and legal issues, volunteer opportunities, moving to Boston and more.

When you have selected to live in family housing at MIT, you must submit "Proof of Family" documentation when signing your housing license agreement. Documents are submitted through the Housing Portal when selecting housing. If you have not already provided documentation, it must be in English or have a notarized English translation and include both the MIT student and partner names. 

How to submit "Proof of Family" documentation in the Housing Portal:

  • Click on “Forms”
  • Scroll down to “General Forms”
  • Use the “Add Family Member or Additional Occupant“ link to upload your documentation.
  • After your additional occupant(s) have been approved by HRS, an MIT ID Number will be automatically generated. The additional occupant will receive an automated email from at the email address provided in the application, with instructions on how to set up their Kerberos ID.

Please note that all housing-related communications are sent to your @MIT.EDU email address and may be in your Housing Portal Messages. Please monitor these accounts for important housing notifications, or be sure to forward all emails from your MIT email to your preferred email account.

When corresponding with our office, we ask that you please utilize your MIT email. If applicable, please ensure that this guidance is shared with other occupants, such as a spouse/partner/dependent, who is authorized to live in MIT housing.

General emails from Housing & Residential Services (HRS) are typically sent from:

Please ensure these email addresses are not filtered into your spam or junk inboxes.

We are unable to provide temporary/short-term housing. For temporary or short-term accommodations, please visit the Off-Campus Housing website. During certain times of the year, sublicensing from current residents is possible. More information can be found on the Sublicensing webpage.

Visit your building specific check-in letter for address details.

​Do not address mail or send packages to your new assignment ahead of your move-in date. There is NO storage available and the mailroom cannot take responsibility for any mail or packages that arrive before you do. Any mail or packages that arrive before you check in will be returned to the sender.

MIT has launched a digital version of the MIT ID card for use on iOS and Android devices. Your mobile MIT ID can be carried in the Apple Wallet for iPhone and Apple Watch or in the MIT Atlas mobile app on Android phones. Please visit for additional details and how to use MIT ID on mobile devices.

In order to access on-campus housing, all students will need an MIT ID. Upon your arrival to campus, you will need to bring a passport, or valid government-issued ID (such as a US Driver's License) to Card Services located in the Atlas Service Center (E17, 1st floor). Physical cards can also be obtained at kiosks located on campus.

Residents indicate their requested move-in date in the graduate housing self-selection form. The move-in date is then confirmed by HRS staff in the confirmation email.

  • Please do NOT contact the current resident of your room to ask when they are moving out. All questions about occupancy should be directed to

  • PLEASE DO NOT ARRIVE EARLIER than your scheduled move-in date because your room will not be ready.  

  • If you must arrive on a different date (earlier or later) other than the date assigned, please reply to your confirmation email to submit your request and await confirmation of a new move-in date. Requests to change dates with less than two weeks' notice from the original date may not be accommodated. Please wait for a confirmation reply before making travel arrangements.
  • If you arrive after your scheduled arrival date, no additional coordination is required but rent responsibility will still begin on your scheduled date of occupancy provided in your confirmation letter.

*Please note that your parking account is not tied to your housing contract. If you need to cancel your monthly parking permit, please contact  You will continue to be billed until you cancel.

The use of private washing machines, clothes dryers, and dishwashers in your MIT Graduate Housing room or apartment is prohibited. The use of these items causes scalding hot water or lack of hot water in all neighboring apartments.  Housing & Residential Services reserves the right to remove such items to protect residents from harm.

If you require a proof of residence confirmation letter, please log into your Housing Portal:

  • Click on “Forms”
  • Scroll down to “General Forms”
  • Select “Proof of Residency
  • Follow the prompts to choose the type of form you need from the options for proof-of-address documentation, including letters for the Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV) to obtain a driver's license or state ID.

You will be able to print your form letter upon completion. When printing or exporting your document:

  • Select "Print using the system dialogue" to clear the headers and footers that automatically populate.
    • You will need to ensure that all headers and footers are listed as "blank" in the print dialogue box.
    • You may also choose to decrease the scale of your document to fit it on one page if you wish prior to printing or exporting as a PDF. 

Please note that all additional occupants will need to obtain a proof of residence via the primary resident’s portal. For these requests:

  • Look for the options that say “with Additional Occupants” on them.
    • They will appear on the letter with their dates of occupancy.

By completing your online license agreement, you agree to rent responsibility for your housing assignment from your Scheduled Occupancy Date until the end of the license agreement. Please remember that you are accountable for all policies and procedures outlined in your signed Graduate Housing License Agreement.

By electronically signing your Housing License Agreement, you are agreeing to rent responsibility for your housing assignment from your scheduled occupancy date until July 31. Please remember that you are accountable for all policies and procedures outlined in your signed Graduate Housing License Agreement. As a resident of MIT Graduate Housing, you are responsible for the entire term of your license agreement.

Termination/Move Out 

Residents who seek to terminate their on-campus housing prior to the expiration of their Housing License Agreement are subject to the Early Termination Policy. Residents are required to provide notice by submitting a Termination Request Form, available within their Housing Portal. For more information regarding move-out and terminations prior to the end of the license agreement, please visit our Moving Out webpage linked above.