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Moving in

Welcome to MIT! We look forward to your arrival on campus.

Once you have signed and submitted your license agreement, you will receive an auto-response email with building and monthly rent. You will receive a follow-up email within in 5-7 business days containing your building, apartment number, move-in date, and roommate information if applicable.

Please note that you are responsible for rent from the date listed on the confirmation email for the apartment, whether you move in on that date or not.


About Covid Pass
  • Covid Pass is the application created by MIT to enable community members to complete all requirements for maintaining access to campus buildings.  Learn more about the Covid Pass system by visiting the IS&T website. Any questions regarding Covid Pass may be directed to .
    • Note for Spouses/Partners/Dependents: Prior to arrival spouses/partners/dependents will need to obtain an MIT ID and Kerberos account.  Partner MIT ID and MIT Kerberos account. Once this information is obtained, please notify  to have your family information updated in the HRS database.  Once this is completed, access into the Covid Pass system will occur.
Moving in Earlier
  • The allocation process will try to match you with an apartment available closest to the desired move-in date you provide. If you have a specific timeline for moving to campus, you should make sure to indicate those dates on the application.
  • Please do NOT contact the current resident of your room to ask when they are moving out. All questions about occupancy should be directed to


Efficiencies and One Bedroom Apartments
  • Apartments will be cleaned before your move-in date.
Two, Three & Four Bedroom - Shared Apartments/Suites
  • Bedrooms will be cleaned before your move-in date.
  • If you move in to an on-campus residence, your bedroom will be cleaned.
  • Common areas are the responsibility of the current residents.
Family Housing
  • Apartments will be cleaned before your move-in date.

Interim Housing

If you need to arrive on campus before your assigned move-in date, please contact us immediately. Due to the pandemic you may need to seek alternative accommodations if you are unable to move in earlier.

Please note Friday and Saturday returns are not permitted due to pandemic policies, procedures and guidelines. If you arrive on either of these days of the week, please seek alternative housing off-campus.

For temporary accommodations during the rest of the year, please visit the off-campus housing website.


​Do not send packages to your new assignment ahead of your move-in date. There is NO storage available and the mailroom cannot take responsibility for any packages that arrive before you do. The packages will be returned to sender.

Visitors to Massachusetts 

As of August 1, 2020, individuals over the age of 18 entering Massachusetts from any international location, or from a restricted state, are now required to complete the state-mandated Massachusetts Travel Form either immediately prior to arriving, or upon arrival, to Massachusetts.   To learn more about these requirements, please click here.   

As noted on the move-in resource page, all graduate students arriving to live in MIT’s residence halls are required to receive a COVID-19 test at MIT Medical (at no cost) upon arrival (or within 24 hours of arriving to MIT’s campus), and enter a 7-day self-quarantine period prior to taking a second COVID-19 test.  

The Commonwealth issued requirements that visitors are required to quarantine for 14 days OR produce a negative COVID-19 test result that has been administered up to 72-hours prior to arriving in Massachusetts. MIT’s COVID-19 policies for students who arrive to live on campus satisfy the state-mandated testing and quarantine requirements. Students should still complete the Massachusetts Travel Form if arriving from an international location or a restricted state.