Sidney-Pacific (NW86) is approximately 0.5 mile walking distance from MIT's main entrance at 77 Massachusetts Avenue. It is located in the northwest section of campus.

Building NW86
70 Pacific Street
Cambridge, MA 02139
(617) 452-4753

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IMPORTANT: Campus construction and/or Housing-related projects may impact Sidney-Pacific during the 2023-2024 academic year. 

Sidney-Pacific features a mix of apartment- and suite-style units for one, two, or four occupants. The building is divided into four wings and features an outdoor courtyard and large patio with barbecue grills.

You can view floor plans at You will need your MIT certificates to access this site.


Apartment Details
Unit TypeApproximate Size Number  Description
2-bedroom quad suite670 sf6Four occupants share an apartment with one bathroom and kitchen. Each occupant shares a bedroom with one other person.
2-bedroom suite670 sf458Two occupants share an apartment with one bathroom and kitchen. Each occupant has a private bedroom.
efficiency apt. for couples320 sf15Private apartment for a couple with a bathroom and kitchen.
efficiency apt.320 sf182Private apartment for one occupant with a bathroom and kitchen.
2-bedroom 2-bath apt.*1,200 sf12Two occupants share an apartment with two bathrooms, a living room, and a kitchen. Each occupant has a private bedroom.

*2-bedroom, 2-bath apartments are only available through in-house process and not through self-selection.

**Couples must submit proof of family documentation before you move in.

Utilities are included in your monthly rent.

Each unit is furnished with:

  • extra-long twin bed and mattress (linens not provided)
  • 5-drawer dresser
  • 2-drawer dresser
  • wardrobe
  • bookcase
  • desk
  • desk chair
  • side chair

Each kitchen is furnished with a refrigerator and stove. (Utensils and supplies are not provided.)

Please note: All bedrooms have wall-to-wall carpeting.

Building Amenities:

  • 5 television lounges
  • 8 common kitchens with televisions and entertainment systems
  • 4 study lounges
  • computer resource room
  • music practice rooms
  • game room
  • fitness center
  • 2 bicycle storage rooms
  • laundry facilities

Parking is available but annual permits for spaces in the exterior lot or subterranean garage must be purchased through the MIT Parking Office.

IMPORTANT: Pets are prohibited in any undergraduate or graduate residence hall unless specifically noted otherwise. Please read the full policy for more information.

Sidney-Pacific Renewal Policy*

MIT Graduate Students

  • One-Year Renewable License: Residents receive a one-year Housing License Agreement with the option to renew their Agreement for one additional year.  In an effort to ensure on-campus living opportunities for incoming graduate students, a lottery will be run (space permitting) for existing residents to renew beyond a second year in MIT graduate housing provided the house meets occupancy goals.**  This approach was developed in coordination with student leaders and heads of house from each community. If a lottery is not possible, or if renewal through the lottery process is unsuccessful, residents will be granted early access to select an alternative on-campus housing assignment (excluding Ashdown House, Sidney-Pacific and The Warehouse) before general housing selection.

Visitors, Affiliates, Postdocs, Cross-Registered Students

  • Non-Renewable License: Must enter the Self-Selection process annually to select an on-campus housing assignment, subject to housing availability. Existing residents seeking to remain in on-campus graduate housing will be granted early access to select a unit before off-campus visitors, affiliates, postdocs and cross-registered students.

*Residents must remain eligible for MIT graduate housing.  This renewal policy does not apply to undergraduate students living within graduate housing. Visitors, affiliates, postdocs and cross-registered students continue to receive non-renewable licenses.

**In an effort to ensure on-campus housing opportunities exist for incoming graduate students in Ashdown House and Sidney-Pacific, currently a 40% target of each building’s total occupancy will be made available for new incoming residents each year.     

Sidney-Pacific - Immersive Imaging

Take a peek inside the building!

Immersive Imaging


Building Amenity Spaces

Example Unit Types*

*Please note that specific unit types and fixtures may vary. All immersive images are for illustrative purposes only.