70 Amherst Street

70 Amherst

Located on the east side of campus, 70 Amherst Street is approximately 0.7 miles walking distance from MIT's main entrance at 77 Massachusetts Avenue.

Building E2
70 Amherst Street
Cambridge, MA 02142
(617) 253-3191

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70 Amherst Street is comprised of mostly single bedrooms with shared kitchens and community bathrooms, and a few single bedroom apartments.

*Over the course of the next few years construction will occur all around Kendall Square. It is anticipated that construction-related noise will affect the area surrounding 70 Amherst Street during the hours of 7:00 am-6:00 pm daily, including Saturdays. To learn more about the project and to sign up for updates, visit http://kendallsquare.mit.edu.

Unit Description
Unit Type Approx. Size # of student apartments  Description
Single rooms 125 sf (avg.) 119 For one resident, with shared kitchen and bathroom on hallway.
large single rooms  240 sf (avg.) 9 For one resident, with shared kitchen and bathroom on hallway.
One bedroom apartments 500 sf (avg.) 5 Private apartment for one occupant or couple* with a bathroom, living room, and kitchen.
Two bedroom apartment 670 sf (avg) 1 Two occupants share an apartment with one bathroom and kitchen. Each occupant has a private bedroom.










*Couples must submit proof of family documentation before you move in.

Utilities, wifi, and ethernet are included in your monthly rent.

Each unit is furnished with:

  • extra-long twin bed and mattress (linens not provided)
  • wardrobe
  • bookcase
  • desk and desk chair

Community bathrooms located off the hallway include:

  • mutiple private bathroom units with a shower, toilet, and sink on each floor
  • ratio of 4.3 students to each toilet


  • furnished residence for graduate students
  • opened in 1918

Health and allergy considerations

  • air conditioning (May through September)
  • smoking is not permitted indoors
  • hallways are carpeted
  • rooms are tiled
  • elevator serves all floors
  • pets are not permitted (except fish).

*70 Amherst Street is graduate housing through at least fall 2020. A determination on future occupancy will be made before students apply for fall 2020 housing.