Roommate Selection Process

For the fall 2018 housing allocation, MIT Housing is offering students the opportunity to enter the allocation together in groups of 1, 2, 3, or 4 people. This pilot is available in Edgerton House, Sidney-Pacific, and Tang Hall.

Group Formation

During group formation, students should select someone to be their group leader. This person would invite other students to the group through the online Housing Portal, and each person would have to accept this invitation. Once the group has been formed, they would then have the opportunity to rank their group housing preferences.

For students who are entering as a group of 1 (by themselves), they will be their own group leader.

Groups can be formed by brand new graduate students or returning graduate students who don't have housing for next year. If the group is a mix of these two types of students, the brand-new graduate student preference will be given to the group, however, the returning student will be forfeiting their opportunity to gain continuing status through this process.

Group Rankings

Once the groups have been formed, the group leader will then choose room preferences for the group. Groups will be able to choose apartments that are the same size or bigger than their group size as their preference. Any groups with 2-4 people will only see their preference options for Edgerton House, Sidney-Pacific, and Tang Hall. Groups of 1 will see all buildings and all apartment types.

Allocation Process

The allocation process will be run similarly to the past, and brand-new MIT graduate students will receive priority over returning graduate students. Any group that is mixed with new and returning students will use the new student's priority. The returning students in that group will forfeit their ability to receive continuing status in the allocation by being in a mixed group.

Individual students will be mixed with the groups.

If a group cannot be accommodated through the first round, they will be encouraged to reapply to the next allocation. Additional information about splitting their groups or staying with their group and adding more preferences will be provided.

** The group roommate selection process pilot is still open for round 2 of the allocation for groups interested in living in Tang Hall.

Looking for more information? Check out the Roommate Selection Pilot Video on DSLx