Who is Eligible for Housing

Not sure if you're eligible for graduate housing on campus? Find out more below.

Fully-registered graduate students
Graduate students with families
Undergraduates with partners or families
Visitors, postdocs, cross-registered students & MIT affiliates
Who is not eligible for housing?

Fully-registered graduate students

All graduate students are eligible to apply for on-campus housing if they are fully registered for the period they will be living at MIT.

Graduate students with families

Fully-registered graduate students with families/partners who will live with them on a full-time basis while they are at MIT are eligible for family housing in the Graduate Tower at Site 4 or Westgate Apartments. Couples also have the option to apply for housing in Edgerton House, Sidney-Pacific and 70 Amherst Street.

Family is defined by a partner or spouse, children, and legal dependents.  Family housing is not for extended family members (parents, siblings, etc), unless the family member is a legal dependent. You must submit documentation proving your family status when applying for family housing.

Find out more about eligibility for different apartment types within family housing

Undergraduates in family housing

Contact Housing & Residential Services as soon as possible to be considered for family housing if you are:

  • entering MIT as a married first-year student
  • an undergraduate who has continuously lived on-campus and will be getting married
  • an undergraduate with a child
  • an MIT student whose parent(s) are legal dependents of the student

Married or engaged undergraduates who currently live off-campus must apply to the waiting list for family housing.

Visitors, postdocs, cross-registered students & MIT affiliates

  • While on-campus graduate housing is prioritized for members of the MIT graduate student community, visitors, postdocs, affiliates, and cross-registered students who are seeking to live in on-campus graduate housing may also select on-campus housing through a "Visitor Self-Selection" process, subject to housing availability.  Visitors may also sublicense a room from a current resident during the summer or Independent Activities Period (IAP) breaks.  Learn More

Who is not eligible for housing

  • Alumni, families of students, Draper, Broad, and Whitehead employees are NOT eligible for on-campus housing.
  • Students on internship
    • Students participating in department-sponsored internships are not eligible for housing.
    • We will release you from your license agreement if you provide 30-days' notice and a letter or email from your department verifying your situation and department-required internship. Termination fees will still apply.
  • Students with non-resident status
    • Non-resident status may be granted to doctoral students who have completed all requirements other than the thesis.
    • Students granted non-resident status by the Office of Graduate Education (OGE) are not eligible for housing. 
    • We will release you from your license agreement if we are notified by OGE of a change in your status from resident to non-resident and you provide 30-days' notice. Early termination fees apply.