The housing process at MIT is designed to give students the most flexibility while taking into consideration logistics, availability, and a commitment to honor the greatest number of requests for on-campus housing.

How to Request a Specific Roommate/Suitemates/Apartment-mate

  • Request roommates by grouping together through the allocation process
  • If there is a vacancy in your apartment, you may request a roommate(s) through the building-to-building transfer process in November
  • Request a room swap (two residents changing rooms) in November

Gender Inclusive Assignments

  • We assign students to gender inclusive apartments and suites. You will be assigned to a gender inclusive suite or apartment if you indicated that you would prefer a gender inclusive assignment or you request to be placed with a specific roommate who's gender is different than your own. Gender inclusive assignments cannot be guaranteed.
  • You will be assigned to a single-gender suite or apartment if you specify this request in the housing application.