Housing for Visitors

Are you visiting MIT as a postdoc, researcher, or cross-registered student?

MIT-affiliated visitors are invited to apply for on-campus housing via the fall and spring housing waiting lists. Visitors may also sublicense a room from a current resident during the summer or Independent Activities Period (IAP) breaks.

Who is eligible for on-campus housing? 

  • cross-registered, special, and visiting students
  • postdocs and researchers
  • visiting professors and lecturers

Alumni, families of students, and Draper and Broad employees are NOT eligible for on-campus housing.

What you should know about on-campus housing for visitors? 

  • If space is available after all fully-registered graduate students have been assigned housing, some remaining units may be offered to MIT-affiliated visitors. Priority is given to visitors who will need an assignment for the entire academic year.
  • Most visitors are assigned to shared apartment accommodations. Assignments to efficiencies and one-bedroom apartments are very rare.
  • Family housing is extremely limited and the likelihood of an assignment is low. If you receive an assignment in family housing, applicants must submit their proof-of-family documentation once an offer is extended.
  • Termination and cancellation policies are the same for students and visitors.
  • The off-campus housing website has rental and short-term listings, as well as information on the surrounding communities. (You must have an MIT ID to access the site.)


  • For fall housing, apply to the waiting list in mid-July. For spring housing, apply to the waiting list in early December.
  • Offers to visitors for fall housing will not be made before early August. Your move-in date will most likely be in late August or early September. 
  • Offers to visitors for spring housing will not be made before mid-January. Your move-in date will most likely be in late January.
  • If you receive an assignment, it will end on August 15, regardless of the move-in date. If you will remain on campus the following year, you must reapply to the waiting list.

Apply to the Wait List
Before you apply, you must have your MIT ID # and MIT certificates. Please contact your department to get your account and certificates set up.
Once you receive and assignment, please email graduatehousing@mit.edu with your appointment letter.