Housing for Visitors

Are you visiting MIT as a postdoc, researcher, or cross-registered student?

MIT-affiliated visitors are invited to apply for on-campus housing via the fall and spring housing waiting lists. Visitors may also sublicense a room from a current resident during the summer or Independent Activities Period (IAP) breaks.

Who is eligible for on-campus housing? 

  • cross-registered, special, and visiting students
  • postdocs and researchers
  • visiting professors and lecturers

Alumni, families of students, Draper, Broad, and Whitehead employees are NOT eligible for on-campus housing.

What you should know about on-campus housing for visitors?

  • Family housing is extremely limited and the likelihood of finding an available apartment is low. If you are assigned an apartment in family housing, you must submit your proof-of-family documentation once you sign your license agreement.
  • Termination and cancellation policies are the same for students and visitors.
  • The off-campus housing website has rental and short-term listings, as well as information on the surrounding communities. (You must have an MIT ID to access the site.)


Apply to the Wait List

  • Once the waiting list is open, you will need to completed a Waiting List Interest Form and email your invitation letter with appointment/residency dates to selfselection@mit.edu.
  • We will confirm your status and eligibility and email you a confirmation and instructions on applying for the self-selection waiting list. If we are unable to confirm your status, we will continue to try confirmation every Friday. Note: Your information will need to be entered into your department's HR system before you can apply to the self-selection waiting list.
  • Once you are confirmed and have applied for the self-selection waiting list, you will receive a dedicated self-selection time the following Thursday. You may remain in the self-selection waiting list as long as you like. 

Visit our Waiting List page for more information about the process and any fees or penalties that may apply of you select an assignment and then cancel.